What to Eat in Calcium Diets?

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If you are suffering from a bone problem or trying to prevent it then you should consider engaging yourself with different calcium diet. The main purpose of this diet is not to lose the extra weight but instead, your goal here is to increase the calcium levels in your body. Calcium comes from many sources but with the kinds of food served today, you may find it surprising that most are not taking in the proper amount of calcium. It may not be obvious at first but as you progress with this diet, you will see other benefits along with the improved condition of your bones.

Natural Sources of Calcium

  • Milk and dairy products are the first things that pop into your mind when asked where to get calcium. This is what you were thought as kids and your teachers were right. They are the easiest way to get calcium. However, dairy products also have high amounts of saturated fats. This type of fats is unhealthy to adults especially to those who have heart problems. For healthier options, you can choose low fat butter or skim milk instead.
  • Leafy and green vegetables are indeed rich in nutrients where one of which is calcium. Other than milk, you should also try experimenting with broccoli, celery and lettuce in different calcium diet. These vegetables will also provide you with other nutrients that will aid in the transportation and absorption of calcium to your bones.
  • Certain herbs will not only flavor you food but they also act as calcium boosts.  Herbs such as rosemary, garlic and oregano are only some of the many examples of calcium rich herbs. The great thing about them is that you can incorporate them to almost any dish you want. This is very helpful when you are lactose intolerant or if you are simply not a fan of the other foods listed above.
  • Eating beans is also one way to take in calcium. There are many bean recipes out there which you can try out if you want a break from dairy products. You can also make your own bean recipe and add different vegetables or herbs to increase the calcium in your meal.


The obvious thing you get with this diet is of course the increased calcium in your system. Because of this, your bones remain strong and recover some of their lost minerals. For those with a family history of osteoporosis, you will be able to have a higher chance in resisting it. You will also enjoy hidden benefits such as better nerve functions and more efficient muscle movements.

In the end, engaging yourself with calcium diet is one way for you to eat healthy. Other than the calcium, you also get other important vitamins and nutrients from the milk, vegetables, beans and herbs. This will improve the total condition of your body. Remember to eat more of natural calcium rich foods rather than relying on artificial supplements. Supplements are indeed rich in calcium but they won’t be able to give you much other than that.


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