What are the benefits of calcium magnesium supplement

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in Calcium

A calcium magnesium supplement is specifically manufactured to aid those people with low levels of magnesium and calcium in their bodies. The minerals calcium and magnesium are easily extracted by the body from natural sources such as vegetables and milk but the current diet most people have today prevents them from eating the right amounts of these foods. Many are now eating more junk foods than vegetables and this is why it is now more practical to take supplements instead. This idea may be not ideal to most but they have to face the fact that they may not adapt to a healthier diet right away. Taking in supplements is also a better choice for those who need immediate help. If you are still doubtful with what this supplement can do to you, then read on the following benefits.

  • Stronger bones – Just like the same type of calcium you get from natural foods, the calcium from this supplement will also make your bones stronger and healthier. Your bones will actually benefit even more out of it since magnesium is also there to help. The combination of the two will prevent your bones from breaking easily. The risks of having fractured bones from bumps or falls are greatly lowered as a result of this.
  • Healthier teeth and gums – The supplement protects the teeth by keeping the mandible strong and sturdy. The mandible, also known as jaw bone, should be kept strong so as to prevent bacteria from penetrating the spaces between the teeth. A stronger mandible means that your teeth would fit more tightly together and thus keeping the penetrable spaces smaller.
  • Better heart condition – Aside from its bone benefits, calcium is also known to contribute to the beating action of the heart. When the body has the right amount of calcium, the heart will be able to pump blood in and out normally since there will be no irregularities with the heart’s contraction and relaxation phase. You might as well note that magnesium also maintains the proper beating rhythm and regulates the heart’s neuromuscular activity.
  • Faster results – A calcium magnesium supplement will give you faster results since the combination of the two is responsible for faster calcium absorption. When the body is low in magnesium, the body will have problems with utilizing the vitamin D needed in the transportation of calcium to the bones. The slow calcium transportation throughout the body means that the bones will not immediately benefit from the calcium. This is why you will see faster results with this supplement since this scenario is avoided.

A calcium magnesium supplement will indeed give you these benefits but you should also be aware that it will give you side effects as well. You won’t be likely bothered with these side effects but once you notice that they are becoming worse, you should immediately stop taking the supplements in and consult your doctor right away. Also ask your doctor about which diet works great with the supplement for better results.


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