What are Attention Disorders?

Posted on 27. Sep, 2012 by in General Health Concerns

Attention disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are found to be increasing, especially in children and teenagers. They become extremely hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive. There are also adults with this disorder but they have not been medically diagnosed and have gone through life not knowing they have it. These disorders are said to be due to chemical imbalances and a poor diet. Some medications can actually lessen their symptoms.

The symptoms of ADHD or ADD include limited focus and attention, forgetfulness, failure to follow instructions, poor social skills, tardiness, disorganization, confusion, depression, anxiety and very low self-esteem. Those who know how to manage the symptoms become effective workers. They become energetic, driven, motivated, creative, imaginative, inventive, innovative, resourceful, spontaneous, flexible, good in solving complex problems, quick thinkers, risk-takers, verbal, sensitive, caring, sympathetic, helpful, funny and intellectual.

There are effective treatments for attention disorders. A patient can undergo therapy so that he or she would be able to comprehend how such a disorder can disrupt his or her life and relationships. Therapy can also assist one in handling the symptoms, enhancing confidence and increasing skill levels. This will make a patient achieve more successes in life.

There are basic treatment strategies that a patient of ADHD or ADD can undergo. The first one is education. Both the patient and the family must be fully educated about such a disorder – how it works and what they should do to lessen the harmful effects.

Another strategy is the talk therapy which was mentioned earlier. This shall encourage and provide support to the patient. Therapy sessions will also focus on the patient’s life at home, environment at school or in the office, and relationships. The goal of talk therapy is to give relief in each of these areas so that the patient would be able to deal with them properly.

Coaching is another treatment for this disorder. This will show affected children how they would be able to live with symptoms or conquer their effects. Their parents and teachers would also be able to acquire approaches and skills in parenting children with ADD. Adults would also be able to know how they can work efficiently in the office.

There are new medications for both children and adults with ADHD or ADD. They can be given Ritalin, Concerta or Adderal so as to manage the symptoms every day. Doctors of patients may also provide other kinds of treatments.

Support groups also play a significant role in treating patients with ADHD or ADD as they have plenty of information and can give guidance and encouragement. Patients should inquire if their localities have such groups.

One of the sad things about ADD and ADHD is that they can harm relationships. Couples therefore would have to learn how to adapt to their affected partners. They must also be aware not to allow the symptoms to overpower them. There are many couples who are not aware that the reason why they cannot communicate well or do not get along is because of ADD or ADHD. It is therefore important for a person to be aware of an attention disorder that his or her partner is suffering from so as to take the necessary precautions and substantially harness the relationship.


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