Green Lipped Mussel Oil Comparison

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An arthritis food having highly effective anti-inflammatory properties

A large number of arthritis patients are nowadays selecting certain ‘arthritis foods’ for improving their joint functions and mobility and providing the required support to their bodies. Considering factors like the quality and type of food is extremely important when it comes to using foods as arthritis remedies.

The food you use for this purpose must have the ability of lubricating your affected joints and reducing inflammation. Both arthritic testimonies and scientific evidences describe arthritis foods rich in Omega 3 as the most effective remedies for arthritis. It’s true that Omega 3 is found in a number of fish or marine oils, but none of them are as useful as the Omega 3 present in New Zealand green lipped mussel oil. This mussel oil type is more effective as an arthritis remedy due to its exceptional biological composition.

These mussels, unlike most other marine organisms, survive only by consuming algae and phytoplankton containing high levels of Omega 3; as a result, the lipid composition of mussels remains predominated (57 to 79%) by phospholipids (they are essential fatty acids containing phosphate).

The better Phospholipid/Omega 3 ratio gives mussel oil more effective anti-inflammatory properties. A recently conducted study has revealed that oil of these mussels boasts greater ability of treating inflammatory disorders such as joint swelling, impaired joint mobility and arthritis.

Phospholipids are also responsible for making excellent bio-availability of Omega 3 possible; this means when combined with phospholipids, Omega 3 gets absorbed by our bloodstream more easily and reaches the body part that required it most.

To get rid of arthritis and its symptoms, you will need to consume as many as 4 servings of mussels per day, which will probably not be a thing you’ll like to do every day. Thus, to enjoy maximum anti-inflammatory benefits of green lipped mussel oil, you can use it in form of an arthritis supplement, as a soft gel. The gel is not only easy to consume, but is also quite palatable.

Not many manufacturers in New Zealand develop green lipped mussel oil. Visit to read a comparison of the country’s top mussel oil brands, Omega XL, Moxxor, Lyprinol and Tripernol.

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