The Aim of Lupus America

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Systemic Lupus is a very serious condition. Lupus erithematosus is a condition wherein the body has several autoimmune diseases which can actually destroy healthy tissues. People who are suffering from this condition have secondary conditions which are pinpointed to the joints, kidneys, blood, heart, lungs and skin. In reality, there are many types of lupus. There is the cutaneous form which is centered in the skin while there are ones which are based on certain conditions. For example, there is the drug induced version wherein the affected person has lupus because of the drugs he has taken. There is also the neonatal lupus wherein mothers and infants are often affected.

What is Lupus America?

In order to combat this terrible disease, several institutions have created a group which is designed to combat the disease and help those who are affected. The Lupus foundation of America or Lupus America is one of the oldest health organizations which focus on helping those who are affected by the disease. Their mission is to serve the patients with lupus and to aid in finding a cure for the condition.  Through constant research and education, the group has been able to collect various types of information about the disease. Their research might someday lead a cure and a vaccine which will ultimately eradicate the condition.

What is their research about?

The group is targeted namely on medical research in order to find a cure to an unpredictable and very dangerous disease. They have hired several researches in order to look for better symptoms and proper tests for the disease. Their research has also been used in order to tackle the critical issues in lupus and it has helped other groups. Along with research, Lupus America also aims to increase public understanding of the disease so that families and friends of those who are affected will be able to understand the condition and will not be afraid of their own members. The group has applied several awareness campaigns and media outreach in order to educate the public.

Today, the group has also applied innovative social networking and online sharing in order to further educate the people. They have applied a website which is specifically designed to help people understand the disease and to know the different symptoms for this condition. The site offers information for health care providers and for other support groups. Their website also aims to ask the public to help aid in providing the affected with tools and materials which can aid in their recuperation.

What information is given to the public?

The public is provided with information such as symptoms and diagnosis. One of the most well known symptoms of lupus is photosensitivity. Patients who are suffering from the condition actually have various problems in their skin. They also have cytotoxicity and apoptosis. In order to fully check if the patient is suffering from this condition, a series of tests are applied. Patients are tested according to condition and history. For instance, if the patient has a history of using various medications then he might be suffering from drug induced lupus.


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