Understanding Joint Pains, Arthritis, Osteoporosis


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Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D – Everything You Need to Know

Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by .


A lot of people have noticed that there are times when taking in calcium supplements alone does not give them the result they want. Most of them are probably taking in the right dosage and yet their bones are still not as healthy as they had hoped for. This scenario happens due to different factors concerned with the absorption and transportation of calcium from your digestive system to your bones. The body needs certain minerals and vitamins to do that. Vitamin D is one of the said vitamins and this is why it is better for you to take calcium citrate with vitamin D.

Why take calcium citrate with vitamin D?

Among the many calcium supplements, calcium citrate is ranked on the top when it comes to calcium absorption. In fact, scientist conducted several experiments and found that it is easier for the body to digest calcium citrate compared with calcium carbonate. With the help of vitamin D, the better calcium absorption is also accompanied with better transportation. If you compare this supplement with the others, you will see that results will show up much faster. The faster results will prevent you from overdosing with calcium since you won’t be frustrated with it. Some people think that drinking more of it would lead to better results but the truth is that too much calcium in the body will naturally result to a medical condition known as hypercalcemia.

Who can take it?

Almost anyone can take this supplement but people with osteoporosis would benefit more out of it. This supplement is especially beneficial to those who have problems with calcium absorption. Furthermore, older adults with low ph levels of acids on their stomachs are better off with this since their body is not fully capable of absorbing calcium from natural sources and other supplements.

The proper dosage

It is unhealthy for you to take more than 2,500mg of any type of calcium supplement daily. For this type of supplement, you should only consume around 1,200mg for it to give the best results. However, this number varies since the supplement is distributed by different manufacturers. The best thing you can do is to follow the instructions that come with the supplement. Always remember not to drink more than what is instructed since you may suffer from unwanted side effects.

Calcium citrate with vitamin D is intended for those people with bone issues. If you are a healthy person whose goal is only to prevent bone problems, then it is better for your body to get calcium from natural sources. But people with bone problems should also consider adding milk, dairy products and other calcium rich foods to their diet along with the consumption of the supplement. Anyone taking in this supplement should also watch out for the side effects that may appear. The side effects may be as simple as vomiting but they can also be as severe as developing kidney problems. Remember that if you are a patient looking for alternative treatments to your bone problem, always ask your doctor first before you take in any supplement.

What to Eat in Calcium Diets?

Posted on 22. Sep, 2012 by .


If you are suffering from a bone problem or trying to prevent it then you should consider engaging yourself with different calcium diet. The main purpose of this diet is not to lose the extra weight but instead, your goal here is to increase the calcium levels in your body. Calcium comes from many sources but with the kinds of food served today, you may find it surprising that most are not taking in the proper amount of calcium. It may not be obvious at first but as you progress with this diet, you will see other benefits along with the improved condition of your bones.

Natural Sources of Calcium

  • Milk and dairy products are the first things that pop into your mind when asked where to get calcium. This is what you were thought as kids and your teachers were right. They are the easiest way to get calcium. However, dairy products also have high amounts of saturated fats. This type of fats is unhealthy to adults especially to those who have heart problems. For healthier options, you can choose low fat butter or skim milk instead.
  • Leafy and green vegetables are indeed rich in nutrients where one of which is calcium. Other than milk, you should also try experimenting with broccoli, celery and lettuce in different calcium diet. These vegetables will also provide you with other nutrients that will aid in the transportation and absorption of calcium to your bones.
  • Certain herbs will not only flavor you food but they also act as calcium boosts.  Herbs such as rosemary, garlic and oregano are only some of the many examples of calcium rich herbs. The great thing about them is that you can incorporate them to almost any dish you want. This is very helpful when you are lactose intolerant or if you are simply not a fan of the other foods listed above.
  • Eating beans is also one way to take in calcium. There are many bean recipes out there which you can try out if you want a break from dairy products. You can also make your own bean recipe and add different vegetables or herbs to increase the calcium in your meal.


The obvious thing you get with this diet is of course the increased calcium in your system. Because of this, your bones remain strong and recover some of their lost minerals. For those with a family history of osteoporosis, you will be able to have a higher chance in resisting it. You will also enjoy hidden benefits such as better nerve functions and more efficient muscle movements.

In the end, engaging yourself with calcium diet is one way for you to eat healthy. Other than the calcium, you also get other important vitamins and nutrients from the milk, vegetables, beans and herbs. This will improve the total condition of your body. Remember to eat more of natural calcium rich foods rather than relying on artificial supplements. Supplements are indeed rich in calcium but they won’t be able to give you much other than that.

6 Calcium Facts Associated with the Human Body

Posted on 21. Sep, 2012 by .


Many know calcium as the main nutrient that strengthens bones. This is why as a child, you were told to drink your milk every day. Back then, you didn’t care about what calcium can do to you. But now that you are aging and experiencing bone problems, you are seeing more of its importance to the body. It is normal for curiosity to kick in when you are looking for solutions to your bone problem. The following list of calcium facts will not only satisfy your curiosity but it may even help you combat your bone problems.

  • As you age, your body needs more calcium than when you were a child. 500mg of calcium is what doctors recommend for toddlers. Teenagers on the other hand need about 1000mg per day. Adults should add another 300mg of calcium to what experts recommend to teenagers to satisfy the needs of the body.
  • Everything including calcium intake requires moderation. Consuming more than 2,500mg is too much for your body to handle. It will cause side effects like abdominal and kidney problems to show up. A condition called hypercalcemia may also arise from high calcium levels in the blood. This is one of the many calcium facts that are most of the time ignored by many but it is clearly one of the most important one out there.
  • There are times when you are taking in the right amounts of calcium but you still see no results with regards to your bone condition. One reason for this is because your body is not absorbing enough calcium through your digestive system. Taking in vitamin C along with calcium supplements will increase the ph level of the stomach which helps with the absorption of different minerals. Drinking milk at night is also more beneficial since your active parathyroid gland will be more of use with calcium absorption.
  • Calcium and magnesium go hand in hand. It needs each other to balance out their effects to the body. For every 200mg of calcium, 100mg of magnesium should also be consumed to optimize their effects.
  • Vitamin D levels should also be looked into since without it, calcium will not be properly transported to your bones. Fortunately, the human body can produce its own vitamin D through the skin’s exposure to the sunlight.
  • Some people may have trouble with getting their calcium needs from milk and other dairy products due to the fact that they are lactose intolerant. Their body can’t digest the lactose found on these drinks and foods. When they take in lactose containing foods, they will vomit and experience nausea. For these affected people, they should consider taking in calcium supplements instead of dairy products.

Calcium facts like these are really helpful when you are struggling from bone problems. Most of them may even be the answer to some of your questions. With this list, you can also improve the way how your body absorbs the said mineral and it may just be the reason behind the success of your bone recovery.

Calcium magnesium citrate and its benefits

Posted on 20. Sep, 2012 by .


With calcium magnesium citrate, you will get a supplement complete with magnesium, calcium and citric acid. These three components are all beneficial in maintaining not only strong bones but also the overall condition of the body. But with the amount of calcium present in this supplement, no one can argue that it is indeed made to aid patients with bone issues. Although magnesium and citric acid are not popularly known to aid the bones, they do play key roles in calcium’s absorption and in improving bone conditions. If you are looking for a calcium supplement to take, then you should consider the following benefits this supplement has and see whether this is the one you are looking for.

  • With the help of the citric acid, your digestive system won’t be having that much of a problem in getting the calcium and magnesium into your blood. When the citric acid reaches the digestive system, it acts as a buffering agent that regulates the ph level. What it does is that it maintains the neutral ph level and by doing so, the calcium and magnesium will be more accessible to the blood.
  • From its name alone, it is obvious that you will get calcium out of it. Because of this, you can use this instead of drinking milk and eating vegetables. This is extremely beneficial to people who are lactose intolerant. To put it simply, this supplement can replace most of your natural calcium sources. Taking this supplement in is a better way for you to get your calcium especially when you think about how many vegetables and other calcium rich foods you need to take in before you meet your daily calcium needs.
  • With this supplement, people can easily lower their chances of experiencing osteoporosis. But behind that benefit lays another one. The risk of having cardiovascular diseases can also be lowered as well with the help of magnesium. Studies found out that there is a link between low levels of magnesium in the blood and heart related deaths. This only proves that the presence of magnesium in the body can indeed fight off cardiovascular diseases.
  • For women, you will be very pleased to know that calcium magnesium citrate will help you with your mood swings caused by premenstrual syndrome. Magnesium helps with lessening irritability while calcium can stabilize moods associated with fatigue and depression.

Calcium magnesium citrate is simply the newer and better version of old calcium supplements.  Before it was released to the public, many studies and researches were first made to ensure its effectiveness. Other than that, experts made sure that it is safe to consume. However, there are still some unwanted side effects. These side effects are really not a big of a concern here since they only cause minor problems. But if you do not want to take any chances with it, then experts suggest that you consult your doctor. In this way, the doctor can analyze if the supplement is indeed right for your health condition and their guidance can also help you lower the occurrence of side effects.

What are the benefits of calcium magnesium supplement

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by .


A calcium magnesium supplement is specifically manufactured to aid those people with low levels of magnesium and calcium in their bodies. The minerals calcium and magnesium are easily extracted by the body from natural sources such as vegetables and milk but the current diet most people have today prevents them from eating the right amounts of these foods. Many are now eating more junk foods than vegetables and this is why it is now more practical to take supplements instead. This idea may be not ideal to most but they have to face the fact that they may not adapt to a healthier diet right away. Taking in supplements is also a better choice for those who need immediate help. If you are still doubtful with what this supplement can do to you, then read on the following benefits.

  • Stronger bones – Just like the same type of calcium you get from natural foods, the calcium from this supplement will also make your bones stronger and healthier. Your bones will actually benefit even more out of it since magnesium is also there to help. The combination of the two will prevent your bones from breaking easily. The risks of having fractured bones from bumps or falls are greatly lowered as a result of this.
  • Healthier teeth and gums – The supplement protects the teeth by keeping the mandible strong and sturdy. The mandible, also known as jaw bone, should be kept strong so as to prevent bacteria from penetrating the spaces between the teeth. A stronger mandible means that your teeth would fit more tightly together and thus keeping the penetrable spaces smaller.
  • Better heart condition – Aside from its bone benefits, calcium is also known to contribute to the beating action of the heart. When the body has the right amount of calcium, the heart will be able to pump blood in and out normally since there will be no irregularities with the heart’s contraction and relaxation phase. You might as well note that magnesium also maintains the proper beating rhythm and regulates the heart’s neuromuscular activity.
  • Faster results – A calcium magnesium supplement will give you faster results since the combination of the two is responsible for faster calcium absorption. When the body is low in magnesium, the body will have problems with utilizing the vitamin D needed in the transportation of calcium to the bones. The slow calcium transportation throughout the body means that the bones will not immediately benefit from the calcium. This is why you will see faster results with this supplement since this scenario is avoided.

A calcium magnesium supplement will indeed give you these benefits but you should also be aware that it will give you side effects as well. You won’t be likely bothered with these side effects but once you notice that they are becoming worse, you should immediately stop taking the supplements in and consult your doctor right away. Also ask your doctor about which diet works great with the supplement for better results.

The other health benefits of calcium magnesium supplements

Posted on 18. Sep, 2012 by .


Calcium magnesium supplements are popular among the elders and the rest who have weak bones. If you are one of them, then you will surely enjoy the benefits of the supplements. Besides, this supplement does not only work on your bones or teeth. It is much more complex than that. The moment you consume this supplement, you are not only taking in calcium. Magnesium also comes along with it. Many have the idea that magnesium only works as a supporting mineral to calcium’s absorption. However, magnesium also greatly contributes in maintaining and improving your health.  You may not notice it but the supplement also gives you the following benefits as well.

  • When calcium and magnesium work together, they can aid your heart greatly. Studies concluded that a sufficient magnesium intake can decrease the chances of stroke from occurring. Low magnesium in the body is partly responsible for abnormal heart beats. This abnormal rhythm is the precursor of a heart attack. One way to avoid this is to take the appropriate amount of magnesium which you can get from calcium magnesium supplements. Men and women suffering from heart problems can surely find this useful. This is even more useful when they are already of age since aside from protecting their heart, their bones will also remain strong and osteoporosis can be avoided.
  • Hypertension is a serious problem that can easily lead to death. It is the result of abnormally high blood pressure passing all over your body. When you consume this supplement, your body will experience a better blood pressure. It will lessen the workload of your heart and thus preventing it from overworking.
  • Some people with problems in their bones are also suffering from type 2 diabetes. Others on the other hand are on their way to having this type of diabetes. With this supplement, diabetes is less likely to occur for those who are not yet suffering from it. As for those who already have it, more insulin will be released and will become more active once your body absorbs the magnesium from the supplement. The better insulin regulation will control your blood glucose levels which mean that your diabetes will be partly treated by the supplement.
  • Mood control is important for those suffering from depression and panic attacks. Calcium can alleviate mood swings while magnesium can cure these psychiatric dysfunctions. If such attacks were to happen, the supplement can lessen the severity of the attack.

Why is calcium magnesium vitamin d good for you

Posted on 17. Sep, 2012 by .


Calcium magnesium vitamin d is a great supplement that supplies appropriate amounts of calcium into your body. It has other additional minerals and vitamins added to it and this is why many find it more appealing than other supplements in the market. These additional ingredients are not for show. They are as important as the calcium itself since without them, your body will be having difficulties with getting the calcium to your bones. This supplement is indeed one of the best calcium supplements you can get and here is a list of its benefits to support that claim.

  • Calcium magnesium vitamin d will give you results and it will deliver them in a shorter amount of time compared to other supplements. The reason behind the faster result is due to the presence of vitamin d. The body can produce its own vitamin d but most of the time that amount is still not sufficient especially when it is demanded by the body even more. The extra vitamin d provided by the supplement is really helpful since it is greatly needed in the transportation of calcium to the bones. Another thing with it is that it plays a great role in regulating calcium provided by the supplement. All in all, this extra vitamin d is the greatest advantage this supplement has.
  • Everyone knows what calcium can do to the bones but only a few knows the importance of magnesium in helping with the strengthening of the bones. The calcium and magnesium in this supplement will be able to give you a better chance to counter act the effects of osteoporosis and other bone problems. As for those with no problems in their bones, they can greatly reduce the risks of having bone fractures and diseases.
  • The combination of calcium and magnesium will also give you a better blood pressure according to studies. The healthier blood pressure promotes good blood circulation on almost every part of the body. Because of this, essential parts such as organs and the bones will receive the nutrients and vitamins they need much better than they used to.
  • If you are a patient suffering from bone issues and preventing chronic diseases at the same time, then this supplement is perfect for you. Magnesium is actually one of the keys to maintain proper carbohydrate metabolism in your system. It also acts as a host to many enzyme reactions. All of these contribute in preventing you from having diabetes.

All in all, calcium magnesium vitamin D supplements do not only target bone problems. They also target other problems such as chronic diseases, blood pressure and blood circulation. But even with all of these promises, you should still be cautious with them. There is still the risk of experiencing the side effects the supplement has. Most of them are just simple problems but they may become a big concern during certain situations. Doctors are everywhere and you should have no problem with finding one and asking him or her for help regarding the supplement. You may have to pay for their services but it’s all worth it.

What can calcium minerals do to your body

Posted on 13. Sep, 2012 by .


The calcium minerals you get from different foods and drinks are important substances that keep your body functioning normally. A deficiency with calcium can lead to many problems in your bones, teeth and muscles. Everyone needs calcium regardless of their age and gender. During your infancy years, you need it for proper bone development. As you grow older, calcium is needed for you to maintain strong bones and counteract the signs of osteoporosis. These are some examples of what calcium can do to your body and here are the rest of them.

  • Obesity Prevention – Once your body detects that your calcium intake is insufficient, the brain will signal the parathyroid gland to release its hormone. This hormone will then in return stimulate your bones to give away part of their calcium deposits to your blood. Balance is maintained this way but one consequence arises. The parathyroid hormone previously released will also stimulate fat production. Moreover, the presence of the hormone also prevents the breakdown of fats. All of these events will lead to obesity if actions are not made.
  • Cardiac Muscle Protection – Calcium minerals help protect your cardiac muscles by regulating the proper beating of the heart. Extremely low levels of calcium in the body will cause the irregular contraction and relaxation phase of the heart. Once this happens, your cardiac muscles might not properly adapt to the irregular beating.
  • Maintains Proper Blood Pressure – A calcium drop in your body will cause the release of cortisol into your system. Cortisol is a hormone that triggers the contraction of the arteries’ smooth muscles. The increased contraction on these blood vessels will result to a higher blood pressure. This is why certain studies concluded that if you take in the proper amount of calcium needed, you will be less likely to have hypertension.
  • Colon Cancer Prevention- Colon cancer is known to cause deaths all around the world. Fortunately, you can avoid this type of cancer if you get the right amount of calcium. Calcium reduces the chances of having polyp growths which are known to lead to cancer. The formation of adenomas, a colon tumor, is also lowered significantly. What happens is that the unabsorbed or excess calcium in the digestive system binds with these cancer causing abnormalities during its exit in the colon. When the calcium is excreted by the body, the cancer promoters are excreted as well and thus lowering the chances of you having colon cancer.

Calcium minerals from supplements and natural sources all act this way. But even though calcium holds many benefits, you should still be very wary about its consumption. Once you consume more of what is needed, it will cause you problems instead of solutions. Hypercalcemia is one of the many problems you can experience with too much calcium consumption. Remember that the key to being healthy is balance. You should know when to stop and when to resume. Ask the help of your doctors regarding your calcium intake. You can also follow some calcium diets made by nutrition experts to help you control how much calcium you take in.

Calcium Strength

Posted on 12. Sep, 2012 by .


You can grow a lot stronger with the help of proper calcium nutrition. After all, this mineral is vital to having healthy bones. If you have a child undergoing puberty, you need to introduce a lot of calcium to their diet if you want them to go tall and strong. This nutritional supplement also promotes bone growth. This makes it ideal for young people. It can be a lifesaver if you’ve recently had an injury leading to broken bones. Calcium can speed up the healing process. On top of that, this amazing nutrient is known to prevent osteoporosis or weak bones in older people so you have something that can help you in all stages of your life.

First, let’s look at it from the standpoint of a child. Children are still growing and they need as much nutrition as possible to facilitate that growth. Calcium has to be introduced as an essential part of their diet. The best way to do this is through the beverages you serve. Instead of sodas which encourage obesity and rotten teeth, children should be urged to drink milk. It’s even better if the milk you choose is enriched with Vitamin D for easy calcium absorption. When you encourage milk drinking at early age, you’re setting your child up with a good dietary habit for life.

As we enter adulthood, calcium nutrition still persists as something we need for a good diet. After all, if your job is particularly physical, that places a lot of stress on your bones. The same goes for those who are looking to get fit by hitting the gym. You never know when you might get injured. It’s vital to keep your calcium levels up to facilitate good health and nourishment. Always drink some milk or orange juice fortified with calcium as part of at least one of your meals. With this small dietary procedure, you’ll be adding years to your life.

When you get older, there’s no doubt that your bones may get weaker if you made poor eating choices. You can prevent that by introducing more calcium to your diet or by taking calcium supplements. Some senior citizens may be made to believe that it’s too late for them but it’s never too late to get strong bones. You can help cure yourself of osteoporosis by continuing drinking milk and other dairy products rich in calcium. Be sure to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D as well so the calcium is properly absorbed. This is why it’s advised to take a multivitamin with your calcium pill for optimal efficiency.

Calcium nutrition is actually quite simple. It means simply taking responsibility for your health by making the right decisions about what you ingest during meals. Always be sure to have something with calcium in at least one of your meals for the day. This is easily accomplished with a glass of milk, a cup of yogurt or even a scoop of ice cream. Yes, nutrition can be delicious so be sure to get this essential supplement to your health.

Level Up Calcium

Posted on 11. Sep, 2012 by .


When you have calcium plus Vitamin D, you’re dealing with a dynamic duo in terms of nutrition. This is because Vitamin D is a nutrient that serves to help the human body in absorbing calcium. To top it off, it’s easy to get since sunlight is the primary source. Just bask in some rays to get a healthy dose. A good way to take advantage of this is to have some milk with breakfast than go out for a jog. However, if you have a busy schedule, you can always take the shortcut by drinking milk enriched with Vitamin D.

The benefits to this combo of nutrients are vital to your well-being. If you’re a young adult undergoing puberty, this pair of nutrients can help you to grow. For those looking to grow tall for sports like basketball, you really need to make drinking milk a daily habit. Sometimes you can also find orange juice fortified with calcium to add some variety. If you really need a quick fix, pairing a multivitamin with Vitamin D along with a calcium supplement is also a good bet. There’s no excuse not to take advantage of this opportunity to grow in these critical years.

When you grow older, calcium plus Vitamin D becomes even more important especially if you find yourself with a broken or fractured bone. These nutrients can help to speed up your recovery so you can quickly be able to take on the world once more. This is important especially when it comes to your work. With the economy in turmoil, you really can’t afford to take sick days. The sooner you can heal, the better it is for your finances. It can also help you fend off high medical bills that may come as a consequence of a prolonged hospital stay.

Also, when you hit the age of a senior citizen, you’ll need enforced bone strength even more. This is usually the age when osteoporosis sets in making bones weaker thus rendering you unable to be as physically active as you were in your younger years. You shouldn’t let such a condition debilitate you. It shouldn’t get in the way of you spending time with the people you love. Be sure to protect yourself and continue drinking lots of milk while getting some sun so you’ll never be short on calcium or Vitamin D. Besides, moving out and about in the sunshine after having a tall glass of milk won’t do you any ill.

Calcium plus vitamin D is important to anyone who cares about good nutrition. It is something vital to keeping you alive and functioning well. Never underestimate the power of milk and sunshine. These things are something you need to continue being healthy. Even if there are supplements out there, you really can’t substitute those for getting these nutrients right from the source. Have a milkshake and take a walk in the park on a cloudless day. You’ll find that this is one of the most pleasurable ways to get calcium and Vitamin D so you really have nothing to lose.