Understanding Joint Pains, Arthritis, Osteoporosis


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Asthma Diet: How Essential Foods can Help Manage the Condition

Posted on 04. Oct, 2012 by .


Nowadays, more and more people are being diagnosed with asthma. As the world becomes more polluted, it is no wonder that cases continue to increase throughout the years. It is common knowledge that eating healthy foods and having a balanced diet can make our bodies stronger and healthier. Hence, people with asthma, researchers and experts have often wondered if there is a correlation between asthma and diet. Wouldn’t it be lovely for asthmatic people to do a few changes in their diet and their condition will get better? Fortunately, as researches and studies about asthma diet progresses, there is hope for asthmatic people to get better using the wonders of food.

Vitamins and Asthma

There have been studies that associates ingesting more vitamins each day and improving asthma conditions. It has been found that increasing the amounts of fruits you eat each day that contains high amounts of vitamins can decrease symptoms of asthma such as wheezing, sneezing, chronic cough, panting, and tightness around the chest. But which vitamins can do such positive effects? Not all vitamins though, but there are a few essential ones that you will need including vitamin C, E and A. These three vitamins are known as antioxidants which can help rid the body of free radicals and protect the body from any inflammation. Asthma is also known as inflammation of the bronchial tubes and ingesting vitamins that prevent such can definitely help with asthma conditions. Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain such like strawberries and blueberries, broccoli, lemon, oranges, carrots and bell peppers. You can also take supplements if you want to ensure that you are getting enough doses of such.

Minerals and Asthma

Just like vitamins, minerals are also essential in our bodies to keep us healthy and strong. It has also been found that certain minerals should be included in asthma diet to help keep asthmatic people healthy and decrease symptoms of the attack. Selenium is one of the essential minerals that you need to consider. This is also an antioxidant that can help manage symptoms of asthma. But it has not yet been substantiated yet that taking selenium can prevent asthma attacks. It can merely help manage the condition. Magnesium is another mineral to consider because it has long been used already in treating acute asthma attacks. But again, no substantial evidence can prove that magnesium can indeed prevent asthma attacks.

Fatty Acids and Asthma

It has always been announced that ingesting essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 can help the body become healthier. Likewise, it has also been interpreted by many as helping with asthma conditions. There have been studies that suggest fatty acids can help protect people against asthma attacks but there have been no substantial evidences yet in individuals that can prove that claim. But still, incorporating such in your diet is not harmful as it is beneficial to the body anyway.

Asthma is an annoying condition because it can hinder you from functioning normally. Fortunately, with an asthma diet you can manage your symptoms and function like you always do even if you have asthma.

Asthma Help: Home Remedies and Activities to Do

Posted on 03. Oct, 2012 by .


Asthma is definitely a painful and annoying condition to have. Fortunately nowadays, there are tons of asthma help that can definitely ease your condition and prevent symptoms from occurring. From medications to exercises and home remedies – there are so many options for people with such condition to manage their symptoms and prevent attacks from happening. Even if the world continues to become more and more polluted each day, we can now protect ourselves from having asthma attacks. Here are some of the most effective ways on how you can help yourself and prevent symptoms of asthma from attacking.

Home Remedies for Asthma

If you are afraid of going for medications, home remedies might be your best option. Most of these remedies have been used by many people for centuries now so you can be sure that all of these can definitely help prevent attacks. Green tea is one of the most effective and most attested home remedies for asthma. Theophylline is an enzyme that has been used in the creation of asthma medications for many years now. Studies have shown that such enzyme can be found in caffeinated teas and can act as bronchodilators helping people with asthma feel better.

Vitamin B6 is another asthma help that has been proven for many years now. Although the correlation between asthma and vitamin B6 have no substantial evidence yet, many patients who have taken substantial amounts of vitamin B6 each day have reduced the number of times symptoms of asthma attacks. They were able to free themselves of inhalers just by ingest B6. Lastly, antacids can help reduce asthma attacks. It has been found that acid reflux has significance to asthma attacks. Ingesting some antacid before bedtime and refraining from eating right before bedtime can reduce acid reflux thereby reducing the probability of an asthma attack.

Activities to Engage in for Asthma

Sometimes, using home remedies alone are not enough. This is why some exercise and activities that can help with your condition is a great idea to do as well. Cardiovascular exercises are found to be the most effective in helping asthmatic people manage their conditions and prevent symptoms from occurring.

Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you can do to prevent symptoms from occurring. Swimming trains the lungs to become stronger thereby encouraging better circulation to prevent inflammation of the bronchial tubes. It also helps your lungs get the lubrication that it needs because dried-out lungs can become inflamed.

Steaming is another activity that you can try to help make your condition better. It can help clear any blocked passages in your lungs so you breath better. Lastly, if you are overweight and have asthma, you need to lose it. Being overweight can put more pressure on your over fatigued lungs causing your condition to worsen. Exercise regularly to lose weight and your lungs will thank you for it.

These are just some of the things that you can do to help your lungs feel better. Home remedies and some activities are considered as asthma help as it prevents symptoms from occurring.

Facts on Asthma New Treatment

Posted on 02. Oct, 2012 by .


If you have asthma, you are suffering from a mild to chronic condition that inflames and constricts the airways and produces excess mucus making it difficult for you to breathe.  If you wish to control this condition, you should try an asthma new treatment that is prescribed by a medical specialist. There are treatments these days that do not only concentrate on reopening the airways but they also control the symptoms such as wheezing, lung pain, difficult breathing and panic, and prevent future attacks.

New asthma medications allow you to go on with your everyday activities in a comfortable manner. You would be able to work, exercise and do outdoor activities. These treatments will also stabilize your breathing and lung functions and at the same time minimize other medications you take.

There are different types of asthma new treatment which can be pharmaceutical, medical and non-medical. The old relief treatments were improved yearly as science found more effective medications. Such treatments are ipratropium, intravenous and/or oral corticosteroids and beta-2 antagonists that are short-acting. There are also long-term treatments which have improved over the years and have lesser side effects as their predecessors. They consist of beta-2 antagonists that are long-acting, cromolyn, thophylline and inhaled corticosteroids which must be taken every day so as to control attacks and symptoms.

A new treatment for asthma is the Alair System where a probe is attached to a generator producing radio waves. It targets asthma along with the bronchial thermoplasty procedure. The probe is placed inside the oral airway after three bronchial thermoplasty procedures so that the smooth muscles would be eliminated. The airways become calm when spasms occur thus swelling and closing do not happen.

The controversial and radical Symbicort treatment is for those suffering from serious asthma. It functions the same way with the Alair System. This involves prescribing beta blockers to a patient so as to worsen the symptoms of asthma for four weeks. The outcome would be lesser symptoms and improved breathing because the patient’s body has adopted to the beta blockers thus the airways dilate and relax.

If you are suffering from mild asthma, you should still undergo medications so that the symptoms would not disrupt your everyday life. Always have an inhaler with you because there are environmental factors that can trigger asthma. The good thing about the new medications is that you will not worry anymore about symptoms and attacks that may strike at anytime. Your dependence on inhalers will be lessened and over time, eliminated. Worrying about your condition will also be reduced.

Never self-medicate and always take medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you have an overdose, this may lead to bigger health problems. In the beginning, there may be a need to try 4 or 5 different treatments until you find one that is suitable for you. Be aware that asthma may change as time goes by thus you need to have regular checkups every now and then to know if your condition has deteriorated. If this happens, you may need to take an asthma new treatment again.

Symptoms and Causes of Asthma Kids

Posted on 02. Oct, 2012 by .


Asthma in children can be more fatal and uncomfortable than you can ever imagine. Nowadays, more and more kids are being diagnosed with asthma and the age to which asthma develops becomes younger as well. As adults, we have the responsibility to take care of these asthma kids and ensure that they have a better future ahead of them. It is in our hands on how we can make their lives better and give them hope of a brighter and better future.

Symptoms of Asthma on Kids

Symptoms of asthma on kids are very much the same as what adults would experience as well. So, if you have asthma and you find your child having the same symptoms as you would when attack is triggered, you can be sure that it is asthma as well.

Wheezing is one of the most common symptoms of asthma that kids, too, can experience. When you hear a high pitched sound being produced when your child is breathing, it is called wheezing. That is already a symptom of asthma. Wheezing has three different stages: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild wheezing occurs when the child breaths out but the sound produced is shallow. Moderate wheezing occurs when a child breaths out air and the sound is heard throughout the exhalation. Severe wheezing occurs when you hear your child producing the sound throughout his breathing – inhalation and exhalation. But during severe asthma attacks, no wheezing is produced since there is no air that passes through the lungs already. In such cases, taking your child to the hospital is necessary.

Chronic coughing is also a symptom that asthma kids can have. When you observe your child having cough for more than a few days now and usually occurs during 1-4 in the morning, it can already indicate an asthma attack.

If your child complains of a tight feeling in his chest, it can also indicate an asthma attack.

Causes of Asthma on Kids

What causes or triggers an asthma attack on kids is pretty the same factors that trigger an asthma attack on adults. Respiratory infections such as those caused by fungi, viruses, and bacteria can trigger an asthma attack. Allergens can also trigger an asthma attack. Sometimes this is associated with having allergic rhinitis in which excessive sneezing occurs followed by coughing, wheezing and other symptoms of asthma. Your child can be allergic to certain things like dust, pollen and other environmental factors. Or, he can be allergic to certain foods such as dairy products and other foods. Make sure that you clean your surroundings well everyday and prepare foods that won’t trigger any allergies. Weather changes are also a factor that can trigger an asthma attack because of the quality of the air. Asthmatic kids need a lot of moisture in the air to lubricate their lungs so when the air starts becoming colder and drier, an asthma attack can be triggered.

Knowing the symptoms of asthma kids can help determine your actions. The causes of asthma can also help you know what to do to prevent an asthma attack from happening on your child. Talk to your doctor immediately to get the proper medications once you observe your child suffering from such.

Arthritis: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Posted on 01. Oct, 2012 by .


Arthritis is a disorder which features inflammation or swelling of the joints. It is frequently accompanied by joint pains and limited mobility of the affected joints.

The treatment of arthritis may be tricky, as the there are more than 100 identified types of arthritis, ranging from those caused by the wear and tear of cartilage (osteoarthritis) to autoimmune disorders that cause the inflammation of joints (rheumatoid arthritis). There are many causes of arthritis that may result in different types of it. Hereditary factors, injury, metabolic abnormalities, infections, and overactive immune systems may all cause arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis include inflammation, tenderness, warmth, and pain in the joints, as well as decreased joint mobility. Since arthritis is considered to be a rheumatic disease, organs not directly connected to the joints may be affected by some types of the disease as well. This means that symptoms in some forms of arthritis may include difficulty in breathing, fatigue, loss of appetite and weight, and gland swelling or swollen lymph nodes.

A meeting between a doctor and patient is the first step in the diagnosis of arthritis. The doctor first checks the patient’s history of symptoms, as well as check for joint inflammation and deformity. Further tests may be undertaken like blood, urine, and joint fluid tests, X-Rays or MRI scans may also be asked from the patient. Based on the pattern of symptoms, inflamed joints, and result of tests, the diagnosis can then be made. The best doctor to see for this is a rheumatologist, as they specialize in arthritis and other rheumatic diseases.

The treatment of arthritis is very dependent on the type of arthritis being experienced by the patient. Proper treatment will only come from the proper diagnosis of the disease.

Some forms of treatment for arthritis include physical therapy, anti-inflammation medication, cold-pack applications, paraffin wax dips, splinting, and surgical operations. It has also been shown that early detection and administering of medication for arthritis has helped in lessening, even stopping, the progression of the disease.

In general, there is no one diet that can help in the reduction of the symptoms of arthritis. However, fish and mussel oils have consistently shown a positive effect when it comes to lessening inflammations. Patients who suffer from arthritis take omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

Gout, however, is one form of arthritis that is strongly affected by a person’s diet. Foods high in purines, such as red meat should be avoided by the patient. Foods that have a high level of uric acid such as alcohol and foods high in fructose should also be avoided.

Since most forms of arthritis are hereditary, there is no one sure way to prevent one from developing the disease. Arthritis that is caused by injuries can be prevented by following safety regulations and trying not to be injured in the first place. Arthritis caused by infections such as septic arthritis and Whipple’s disease may be prevented by avoiding the organism that caused the infection in the first place.

Importance of an Attention Deficit Treatment

Posted on 30. Sep, 2012 by .


Those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) must seek for an attention deficit treatment. According to many studies, ADD is genetic which means children get it from parents. Even if parents are not diagnosed with this disorder, it can still show up in their offspring. New findings on ADD sprout continuously thus diagnosis and treatment evolve and alter while medical experts begin to comprehend it even more. One thing is for sure, ADD is not only found in children but also in adults yet the latter have a normal life and are unaware they have this disorder.

There are many parents who think their children have ADD. They do a quick diagnosis and because the symptoms of this condition appear in their children, they would mistake it for this disorder. There are symptoms of this disorder that can actually be caused by certain ingredients in food or an allergic reaction. Parents fail to have it diagnosed by an expert and would attribute their children’s emotional, academic and social problems to ADD.

Children in the age range of 8 to 10 years old are the ones mostly diagnosed with ADD. This is the age where they begin to develop their social skills. When children do not develop them during this age and parents see their peers more advanced, they would think their children are indeed suffering from ADD. It is therefore necessary for parents to first have a medical expert perform a diagnosis so that they can look for the right attention deficit treatment.

Symptoms of ADD include inattentiveness, lack of focus, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, tardiness, anxiety, forgetfulness, chronic boredom, low self-esteem, mood swings, depression, and failure to have interpersonal relationships. If children with ADD are treated properly, they become creative, flexible, lively, enthusiastic, spontaneous, energetic and driven. Many people with this disorder are actually artistically and intellectually talented. If it is not treated, children will have a hard time struggling in school, often get into trouble and will not be able to make friends. Because of this, they develop a very low self-esteem and will stress out the rest of the family members.

The usual drugs prescribed by doctors for those suffering from attention deficit are amphetamines and Ritalin. These drugs are combined with a certain number of psychotherapy sessions.

Because ADD can be very mild to extremely noticeable where the patient can disturb an entire classroom, medical experts find it hard to pinpoint the best treatment for ADD. Although there are certain drugs that doctors prescribe, they also recommend dietary changes such as elimination of chocolate, sweet cereals, cookies and soft drinks. Depending on the type of ADD the child has and the parents’ willingness to resort to drastic measures, doctors find removal of the mentioned foods more effective than taking prescription drugs. Many physicians also think undergoing dietary changes and waiting for results is more logical than serving millions of children with prescription drugs which may have a bad effect on their liver and kidneys.

It is therefore vital to find the right attention deficit treatment for a child so that he or she would lead a good quality of life.

Relationship of Calcium and Osteoporosis

Posted on 30. Sep, 2012 by .


When people pass the age of 30, they start to lose bone mass which leads to osteoporosis or the thinning and weakening of bones. If you reach this age, you should prevent this condition by consuming calcium and Vitamin D. These two nutrients go together because Vitamin D is needed by the body in order to take in calcium. Women are more prone to rapid loss of bone mass especially after menopause. This article shall focus on the relationship between calcium and osteoporosis.

There are many foods that are enriched with calcium. These include dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt was well as vegetables such as kale, Chinese cabbage and broccoli. Fortified orange juice, canned salmon and sardines, cereals, tofu and soy drinks all have calcium. Almonds, shrimp, tofu and blackstrap molasses also have calcium in them. It is better to check food labels so as to know how much calcium a certain food has.

Vitamin D can be found in fish such as mackerel, tuna and salmon.  Other foods containing the said vitamin in small amounts are beef liver, egg yolks, cheese, milk, margarine, yogurt and cereals. It can also be found in soy drinks and orange juice. There are foods that have a combination of both calcium and Vitamin D such as non-fat milk. If one drinks four cups of this milk in one day, he or she will get 1200 milligrams of calcium.

If an osteoporosis sufferer cannot consume the recommended dosage of calcium and Vitamin D, he or she must take in supplements rich in both these nutrients. It is necessary to supplement so as to avoid continuous loss of bone mass. Calcium and osteoporosis should go together for a patient to prevent or worsen such a condition.

There are different types of calcium supplements. One of them is calcium carbonate which has forty percent elemental calcium. Another type is calcium citrate which has twenty-one percent of elemental calcium. Calcium citrate may be lower in elemental calcium but it is not difficult to digest. It does not result to constipation the way other calcium supplements do. Other kinds of calcium supplements are calcium lactate and calcium gluconate and they both contain low quantities of elemental calcium.

There are also calcium supplements that can be bought in pharmacies and grocery stores. They come in capsules, tablets and chewables. It is important to remember that not all supplements have the exact quantity of calcium nor do they all contain Vitamin D. It is advisable to check the label to find out which supplement is proper for an osteoporosis patient.

Patients must know the quantity of Vitamin D and calcium they get from their diet. They should then consume the calcium and Vitamin D dosage required of them every day based on their health condition and age. Taking too much Vitamin D and calcium supplements however can cause kidney stones thus patients of osteoporosis should not take more than the required dosage.

When suffering from rapid bone mass, it is necessary for patients to know the relationship between calcium and osteoporosis so as to treat the said disease properly.

What are Attention Disorders?

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Attention disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are found to be increasing, especially in children and teenagers. They become extremely hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive. There are also adults with this disorder but they have not been medically diagnosed and have gone through life not knowing they have it. These disorders are said to be due to chemical imbalances and a poor diet. Some medications can actually lessen their symptoms.

The symptoms of ADHD or ADD include limited focus and attention, forgetfulness, failure to follow instructions, poor social skills, tardiness, disorganization, confusion, depression, anxiety and very low self-esteem. Those who know how to manage the symptoms become effective workers. They become energetic, driven, motivated, creative, imaginative, inventive, innovative, resourceful, spontaneous, flexible, good in solving complex problems, quick thinkers, risk-takers, verbal, sensitive, caring, sympathetic, helpful, funny and intellectual.

There are effective treatments for attention disorders. A patient can undergo therapy so that he or she would be able to comprehend how such a disorder can disrupt his or her life and relationships. Therapy can also assist one in handling the symptoms, enhancing confidence and increasing skill levels. This will make a patient achieve more successes in life.

There are basic treatment strategies that a patient of ADHD or ADD can undergo. The first one is education. Both the patient and the family must be fully educated about such a disorder – how it works and what they should do to lessen the harmful effects.

Another strategy is the talk therapy which was mentioned earlier. This shall encourage and provide support to the patient. Therapy sessions will also focus on the patient’s life at home, environment at school or in the office, and relationships. The goal of talk therapy is to give relief in each of these areas so that the patient would be able to deal with them properly.

Coaching is another treatment for this disorder. This will show affected children how they would be able to live with symptoms or conquer their effects. Their parents and teachers would also be able to acquire approaches and skills in parenting children with ADD. Adults would also be able to know how they can work efficiently in the office.

There are new medications for both children and adults with ADHD or ADD. They can be given Ritalin, Concerta or Adderal so as to manage the symptoms every day. Doctors of patients may also provide other kinds of treatments.

Support groups also play a significant role in treating patients with ADHD or ADD as they have plenty of information and can give guidance and encouragement. Patients should inquire if their localities have such groups.

One of the sad things about ADD and ADHD is that they can harm relationships. Couples therefore would have to learn how to adapt to their affected partners. They must also be aware not to allow the symptoms to overpower them. There are many couples who are not aware that the reason why they cannot communicate well or do not get along is because of ADD or ADHD. It is therefore important for a person to be aware of an attention disorder that his or her partner is suffering from so as to take the necessary precautions and substantially harness the relationship.

Calcium Benefits to Be Aware Of

Posted on 26. Sep, 2012 by .


Calcium is one essential mineral that is found in many types of popular foods such as cheese, milk and ice cream. Healthy but less popular foods contain calcium as well such as sardines and broccoli. When the body absorbs calcium, many benefits arise such as minimal indigestion and improved performance when exercising. In this article are the calcium benefits to be aware of.

When taken with Vitamin D, calcium prevents osteoporosis or bone loss. This condition usually occurs with age and when women reach menopause. Expectant and breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to take in extra calcium for the proper bone development of their babies. Calcium also improves dental health. It maintains the enamel layer on the teeth’s surface.

The right dosage of calcium everyday can also lessen muscle problems such as cramps and twitching during physical workouts and harness muscle function. The heart’s muscles also need calcium to pump blood rhythmically and strongly to all parts of the body.

Calcium carbonate, one type of calcium, serves as an antacid thus relieves indigestion or heartburn from consuming too many spicy and dried foods. In addition, it lowers the body’s sodium levels thus fights off hypertension or high blood pressure. In the arteries, when the pressure of blood reaches 140/90, this is assumed high thus posing a danger to the patient because it leads to stroke or disease of the kidney and heart.

One of the calcium benefits is lesser pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms in women. These symptoms can be painful and stressful and they include cramps, depression and moodiness. They take place because of heightened hormonal levels. Calcium stabilizes hormones thus easing PMS symptoms. Those who take 1,200 milligrams calcium daily lessen the severity and duration of PMS symptoms. There is a warning sent to men though that says they should not consume above 1,000mg of calcium daily because studies show a connection between prostate cancer and too much calcium.

Taking calcium is also good for the colon according to studies showing a connection between minimized tumors in the rectum and colon and increased consumption of calcium. This mineral also allows the body to take in nutrients by transporting them to the cell membranes.

When the body is deprived of calcium, it absorbs fat in the fat cells. Weight loss would then be easier when eating foods that are filled with calcium such as yogurt, cheese and non-fat milk. Those who wish to lose weight can also eat calcium-enriched foods such as salmon, sardines, broccoli, okra, kale, turnip greens and almonds on ice cream. Fruits such as dried figs and oranges also contain calcium.

The body would be able to take in calcium only if they consume Vitamin D. One free source of Vitamin D is the early rays of the sun. One should get at least ten minutes of sunlight three times a week so as to get the right amount of this vitamin. Foods with Vitamin D include salmon, tuna, cheese, yogurt, egg yolks, orange juice and soy.

There are many calcium benefits that can make people have good health.

Choosing Where to Get Calcium: Bones and Overall Health

Posted on 25. Sep, 2012 by .


Everybody knows that bone problems arise from low level of calcium. Bones are the main supporting structure of the body and having problems with them can make your life worse. You won’t be able to perform tasks easily and in severe cases, you won’t be able to do some of them at all. Calcium comes from different sources. Before, you can only get calcium from natural sources but today, scientists had already developed many calcium supplements that can be taken in as medications. Both natural and artificial calcium sources have their own advantages and disadvantages over the other and you should first understand those before choosing what to take.

Natural Sources: Disadvantages

Eating vegetables and drinking milk are the two of the best ways to get calcium into your system. Other dairy products are also rich in calcium but the problem with them is that they contain lactose. This is a huge problem for those who are lactose intolerant. As for other sources such as beans and vegetables, you need to eat huge quantities of them before you meet your daily calcium needs. But with the kind of foods most people eat today, it may be difficult for most to change their diet into a more vegetable friendly one. Many also find it more practical to take in supplements instead since they only need to take that supplement at least once a day.

Natural Sources: Advantages

The main advantages you get from these natural sources are the additional vitamins and nutrients included in them. Vitamins such as vitamin D and C play key roles in improving your bone condition and fortunately, you can also get them from the calcium rich vegetables and foods.

Artificial Supplements: Disadvantages

The greatest problem with these supplements is over dosage. Many supplements promise immediate results but most of the time, you won’t be able to see the results right away. These claims can be misleading and it can be frustrating to those who are expecting a lot from it. This frustration can easily cause anyone to drink more than the prescribed dosage of the supplement since these people think that it would work faster that way. Many don’t know what excess calcium can do their body. They may see it as harmless when in fact it can lead to a series of side effects.

Artificial Supplements: Advantages

Calcium supplements give you an easy access to calcium. Bones of the body would also accept the type of calcium provided by the supplements the same way they accept the calcium from natural sources. You don’t need to completely alter what you eat and drink. You only need to drink them as medications at certain hours of the day.

Aside from those affected with bone problems, people with healthy bones should also take in sufficient amounts of calcium. Bones that are healthy also need to be maintained. Maintaining the condition of your bones is the best way for you to avoid problems with them in the future. Remember that every human in the world whether healthy or not need calcium to maintain homeostasis in the body. With the many calcium sources available, you should have no problem with getting calcium to your body. You simply have to choose between natural or artificial supplements.