Importance of an Attention Deficit Treatment

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Those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) must seek for an attention deficit treatment. According to many studies, ADD is genetic which means children get it from parents. Even if parents are not diagnosed with this disorder, it can still show up in their offspring. New findings on ADD sprout continuously thus diagnosis and treatment evolve and alter while medical experts begin to comprehend it even more. One thing is for sure, ADD is not only found in children but also in adults yet the latter have a normal life and are unaware they have this disorder.

There are many parents who think their children have ADD. They do a quick diagnosis and because the symptoms of this condition appear in their children, they would mistake it for this disorder. There are symptoms of this disorder that can actually be caused by certain ingredients in food or an allergic reaction. Parents fail to have it diagnosed by an expert and would attribute their children’s emotional, academic and social problems to ADD.

Children in the age range of 8 to 10 years old are the ones mostly diagnosed with ADD. This is the age where they begin to develop their social skills. When children do not develop them during this age and parents see their peers more advanced, they would think their children are indeed suffering from ADD. It is therefore necessary for parents to first have a medical expert perform a diagnosis so that they can look for the right attention deficit treatment.

Symptoms of ADD include inattentiveness, lack of focus, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, tardiness, anxiety, forgetfulness, chronic boredom, low self-esteem, mood swings, depression, and failure to have interpersonal relationships. If children with ADD are treated properly, they become creative, flexible, lively, enthusiastic, spontaneous, energetic and driven. Many people with this disorder are actually artistically and intellectually talented. If it is not treated, children will have a hard time struggling in school, often get into trouble and will not be able to make friends. Because of this, they develop a very low self-esteem and will stress out the rest of the family members.

The usual drugs prescribed by doctors for those suffering from attention deficit are amphetamines and Ritalin. These drugs are combined with a certain number of psychotherapy sessions.

Because ADD can be very mild to extremely noticeable where the patient can disturb an entire classroom, medical experts find it hard to pinpoint the best treatment for ADD. Although there are certain drugs that doctors prescribe, they also recommend dietary changes such as elimination of chocolate, sweet cereals, cookies and soft drinks. Depending on the type of ADD the child has and the parents’ willingness to resort to drastic measures, doctors find removal of the mentioned foods more effective than taking prescription drugs. Many physicians also think undergoing dietary changes and waiting for results is more logical than serving millions of children with prescription drugs which may have a bad effect on their liver and kidneys.

It is therefore vital to find the right attention deficit treatment for a child so that he or she would lead a good quality of life.


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