Green Lipped Mussel Review

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Mussel Oil Health Supplement: Why I Took Them to Understand Their Benefits 

The current trend among those with joint pain is to take green lipped mussel oil and powder.

Are you a dietary supplement convert like me (I can happily describe myself as one)? If yes, then you must know that the small capsule you are consuming has a lot more inside it than our daily meals have. There’s a widely mentioned saying ‘health is wealth’; so we should try and do everything that we can do for staying in good health. And when it comes to supplementation, today, you will come across more advanced and beneficial products than regular vitamins supplements, on the market.

Recently I have started to take a green lipped mussel supplement called Tripernol, which is basically New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Tripernol is an organic supplement with anti-inflammatory properties and contains Omega 3 in high quantity. During this time, I found:

Pure And Natural Ingredients: Active ingredients of Tripernol are sourced from organically produced certified green lipped mussels grown in the sparkling clean water bodies surrounding Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Traditional Hand Method: I never knew that Tripernol was manufactured entirely by hand, but the most important parts of the manufacturing procedure are definitely completed by hand. While researching about Tripernol, I found that the manufacturer uses a well-planned hand method for opening the mussels. The majority of the other manufactures, on the other hand, use machines for crushing up mussels; thus supplements made by them contain the entire mussel including shells. As mussels used in Tripernol are opened by hand, the product only contains pure mussel; the shell and the beards gets discarded.

Dedicated ‘Cooks’: The cooks i.e. the scientists and technicians carrying out the manufacturing procedure of Tripernol are extremely dedicated and meticulous. They comply with the strict Oceania and New Zealand laws of using slight heat to reduce the risk of listeria, unlike other manufactures. The method used by them for extracting mussel oil is so well-designed and meticulous that the ratio of phospholipids and Omega 3 in the extracted oil is same as their ratio in mussels in natural state.

I am taking Tripernol for addressing the elbow joint pain that is bothering me for the past six months. It has been only 2 weeks since I started taking the supplement and I have already started to experience significant improvement. In addition to joint pain relief, I am also getting other benefits like reduced PMS, healthier heart, cancer protection, calmer colitis and an improved psychological health.

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