Green-lipped Mussel: A Very Nutritious Treat

Posted on 02. Sep, 2012 by in Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

Green lipped mussel is a bi-valve green shell mussel mostly cultivated around low shorelines of New Zealand. It measures about 240 mm in length. They eat phytoplankton that is very dominant in the sea. Dominance of phytoplankton in the sea aids to the long existence of these mussels through the years.

It covers about 71% of the totality of aquaculture in New Zealand. The cultivation is mostly for public food consumption. Variety of dishes can be made from these mussels; from soups to pasta and even used as appetizers. It is rich in different kinds of nutrients that can promote a person’s health. Here are some of the nutrients available in the green lipped mussel:

Omega3- fatty acids

These are the fatty acids which are readily available in any marine life. These cannot be produced by the human body but are necessary for normal metabolism. Its health effects are still controversial but reports on evidence are widely spread. Supplementation of omega3-fatty acids helps in the lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also aids in lessening inflammation, effects of dementia and glycemic control.

Amino acids

These are nutrient molecules which help in the production and the main biological make-up of nutrient protein. Protein is the major structural component of all cells in the body. Amino acids aids in cellular repair, regeneration and immune response. Amino acids and protein promotes muscle strength and flexibility.


It is an organic compound which is constructed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It supplies the human with energy to perform series of tasks and roles. Too much consumption of carbohydrates can be harmful.


It is an element that plays a basic role in basal metabolic rate in the human body. Its existence is necessary for the functionality of body systems like lactation of breast, regeneration of oral and gastric mucosa and strength of arterial walls. Low iodine levels may result in illnesses like hyperthyroidism

Vitamin B12

It is called cobalamin. It is the largest in all vitamins offered. It promotes development of red blood cells which transports oxygen in the body. Shellfishes have the highest concentration of vitamin B12 in all food groups.


It is a kind of element that when offered in small amount can be a good antioxidant. It promotes immune system which protects people from viral and bacterial infections. It can also assists in developing good sperm cells.

Vitamin D

It has the major role on bone development and structure. It promotes calcium absorption, metabolism and stimulation in immune system. Vitamin D is usually available upon exposure to sun. Vitamin D in is available in fatty parts or oils in the mussel’s body.

Shellfishes, like green lipped mussel, are important food groups. Incorporation of these aquatic foods reduces the chances of attaining illnesses due to deficiency in nutrients.


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