Curcumin Turmeric Benefits

Posted on 31. Oct, 2012 by in Curcumin

One of the most popular spices used in Asia and most especially in India is curcumin turmeric. It is a spice that is often used in Indian food and delicacies to make it more flavorful and aromatic.

It gives that spicy taste and aroma to foods making it more delectable and mouthwatering than most dishes. But more than the flavor and aroma it brings, it also has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now. With this spice, you not only get delicious foods but a healthier body as well.

Medical Uses

As aforementioned, this spice is not only known to give delicious foods but also help heal and treat body ailments. Cancer is one of the many diseases researchers have been studying in relation to the effects of curcumin turmeric to it. This spice is known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world helping the body eradicate free radicals inside.

Free radicals are one of the main culprits for cancer as it kills healthy cells and tissues inside the body making them unstable and turning them into free radicals. The antioxidants found in this spice helps prevent the formation of free radicals thereby preventing healthy cells from becoming unstable and turning into malignant cells that can cause cancer.

Aside from its potential cure to cancer, it is also found to be helpful in the management of Alzheimer’s disease. Patients with the disease who have been incorporating this spice into their diet were found to have less progressive conditions than others. This spice helps halt and slows down the plaque formation in the brain which is an indication of the severity of the disease. There are so many medicinal uses this spice contains, which is why there are some good supplements nowadays out there that contain this ingredient.


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