Cause and Underlying Disease behind Hand Joint Pains

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Pain is the usual complain in rheumatoid clinics. Though people tend to go to clinics in search of remedy for pain; the real problem is not the pain but the underlying disease behind it. Pain is the vital subjective cue in concluding the nature and cause of the illness.

Here are few examples of probable disease that cause hand joint pain:

Arthritis is the most common diagnosis for hand and joint pains. It is characterized by inflammation of joints due to daily exertion of joints or damaged joints due to other diseases (happens when arthritis is only a secondary diagnosis compared to real and main disease). Diseases like sarcoidosis, Psoriasis, Lyme disease and inflammatory bowel disease are examples of primary diseases that present arthritis as a symptom. Treatment usually involves non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, lifestyle changes and physical treatment for long time relief.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition when pain originates from wrists into hands and worse, aching up to the whole arm. It is characterized by compression of a nerve as it extends from hands to wrists. It is usually caused by repetitive flexing of hands and wrists. Disease like gout and hypothyroidism can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tendonitis can also be a cause for hand joint pain. It is characterized by great pain when a person moves his wrists. Their common causes are the sheath’s irritation and swelling. Treatment may include immobilizing braces and corticosteroids.

Trigger thumb or stenosing tenosynovitis is a condition wherein the superficial and deep flexors are both restricted by inflammation around the digits of the fingers. It is characterized by pain when extending the digits of the hand and sometimes, through the popping sounds. It can be caused by underlying disease like diabetes mellitus. Some cases are reported to be idiopathic (no relative cause) among ages 40.

Bible cyst or Ganglion cyst is the bump of neural mass found towards the top of joints and tendons. The recognized caused of bible cyst is herniation.  Primary treatment for bible cyst is surgery. Reports of striking heavy books like bibles into cyst can cause rupture. The reported treatment ascended the name of ganglion cyst into bible cyst. There are no incidents of re-accumulation of cysts from the said treatment.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or Type I Complex regional pain syndrome is a disease caused by deregulation of autonomic nervous system without nerve damage. It mostly affects the quick response mobilizing system of the brain resulting into failure in functionality and impairment. Pain receptors tend to overload with confusing responses due to impaired neurons in the brain. Drug treatments include anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories such as corticosteroids and COX-inhibitors. Physical therapy is also a primary treatment for RSDS/type I CRPS. It helps to restore former functions of the affected area like the hands and wrists.

Hand Joint Pain should be consulted to a medical professional or a specialist for proper diagnosis of underlying cause and right course of treatment. Use of over-the-counter pain medication is not encouraged to the public prevent addictions and drug overdose.


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