Calcium Supplementation

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Everyday, a person loses calcium through different parts of the body like your skin, urine, feces, sweat, hair, and even your nails. Our bodies can’t produce calcium, that’s why we need to obtain calcium from the food and beverages we consume. When the body isn’t receiving enough calcium, the bones will suffer the consequences, and it can lead to bone related illnesses like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

To build denser, stronger bones, and maintain them until you get old, you need to take a good deal of calcium. Majority of the body’s calcium is in the teeth and bones. When osteoporosis patients don’t receive the right amount of calcium, they usually resort to osteoporosis calcium supplements.

Calcium Supplements

The amount of calcium needed from a supplement depends on the amount of calcium you get from foods. If you get enough calcium from the foods you eat, then you don’t need to take a supplement. Taking more calcium than you need in supplements does not have added benefits and can even have some risks. You shouldn’t take supplements that you don’t need.

Taking osteoporosis calcium supplements is done when an osteoporosis patient doesn’t get enough calcium from the food he or she eats.

A lot of people who need to take osteoporosis calcium supplements ask which supplement should be taken. Some considerations on choosing which supplement to take is how much calcium the person needs to compensate for the calcium he or she lacks, and the supplement’s availability and cost. Calcium supplements are over-the-counter products, which mean having a doctor’s prescription for the product isn’t necessary. It is also available in different dosages, and in different preparations (liquids, tablets, and capsules)

Other Vitamins and Minerals

You can find other calcium supplements that are mixed with other vitamins and minerals.

Most researches suggest that bone loss and low bone density is associated with low calcium intake. Obtaining enough calcium is key to the prevention or reduction of bones. However, people who get enough or more than enough calcium could still experience bone loss and osteoporosis because of a lot of factors. Some examples of these factors are genes, alcohol abuse, excessive smoking, vitamin D deficiency, medical disorders, and some drugs are known foundations of bone loss.

For osteoporosis patients, taking calcium supplements can be very helpful. This will help them regain bone mass and bone density. The same goes for people who just have low calcium levels. Before buying calcium supplements, it’s best to consult your doctor.


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