Calcium magnesium citrate and its benefits

Posted on 20. Sep, 2012 by in Calcium

With calcium magnesium citrate, you will get a supplement complete with magnesium, calcium and citric acid. These three components are all beneficial in maintaining not only strong bones but also the overall condition of the body. But with the amount of calcium present in this supplement, no one can argue that it is indeed made to aid patients with bone issues. Although magnesium and citric acid are not popularly known to aid the bones, they do play key roles in calcium’s absorption and in improving bone conditions. If you are looking for a calcium supplement to take, then you should consider the following benefits this supplement has and see whether this is the one you are looking for.

  • With the help of the citric acid, your digestive system won’t be having that much of a problem in getting the calcium and magnesium into your blood. When the citric acid reaches the digestive system, it acts as a buffering agent that regulates the ph level. What it does is that it maintains the neutral ph level and by doing so, the calcium and magnesium will be more accessible to the blood.
  • From its name alone, it is obvious that you will get calcium out of it. Because of this, you can use this instead of drinking milk and eating vegetables. This is extremely beneficial to people who are lactose intolerant. To put it simply, this supplement can replace most of your natural calcium sources. Taking this supplement in is a better way for you to get your calcium especially when you think about how many vegetables and other calcium rich foods you need to take in before you meet your daily calcium needs.
  • With this supplement, people can easily lower their chances of experiencing osteoporosis. But behind that benefit lays another one. The risk of having cardiovascular diseases can also be lowered as well with the help of magnesium. Studies found out that there is a link between low levels of magnesium in the blood and heart related deaths. This only proves that the presence of magnesium in the body can indeed fight off cardiovascular diseases.
  • For women, you will be very pleased to know that calcium magnesium citrate will help you with your mood swings caused by premenstrual syndrome. Magnesium helps with lessening irritability while calcium can stabilize moods associated with fatigue and depression.

Calcium magnesium citrate is simply the newer and better version of old calcium supplements.  Before it was released to the public, many studies and researches were first made to ensure its effectiveness. Other than that, experts made sure that it is safe to consume. However, there are still some unwanted side effects. These side effects are really not a big of a concern here since they only cause minor problems. But if you do not want to take any chances with it, then experts suggest that you consult your doctor. In this way, the doctor can analyze if the supplement is indeed right for your health condition and their guidance can also help you lower the occurrence of side effects.


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