Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D – Everything You Need to Know

Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by in Calcium

A lot of people have noticed that there are times when taking in calcium supplements alone does not give them the result they want. Most of them are probably taking in the right dosage and yet their bones are still not as healthy as they had hoped for. This scenario happens due to different factors concerned with the absorption and transportation of calcium from your digestive system to your bones. The body needs certain minerals and vitamins to do that. Vitamin D is one of the said vitamins and this is why it is better for you to take calcium citrate with vitamin D.

Why take calcium citrate with vitamin D?

Among the many calcium supplements, calcium citrate is ranked on the top when it comes to calcium absorption. In fact, scientist conducted several experiments and found that it is easier for the body to digest calcium citrate compared with calcium carbonate. With the help of vitamin D, the better calcium absorption is also accompanied with better transportation. If you compare this supplement with the others, you will see that results will show up much faster. The faster results will prevent you from overdosing with calcium since you won’t be frustrated with it. Some people think that drinking more of it would lead to better results but the truth is that too much calcium in the body will naturally result to a medical condition known as hypercalcemia.

Who can take it?

Almost anyone can take this supplement but people with osteoporosis would benefit more out of it. This supplement is especially beneficial to those who have problems with calcium absorption. Furthermore, older adults with low ph levels of acids on their stomachs are better off with this since their body is not fully capable of absorbing calcium from natural sources and other supplements.

The proper dosage

It is unhealthy for you to take more than 2,500mg of any type of calcium supplement daily. For this type of supplement, you should only consume around 1,200mg for it to give the best results. However, this number varies since the supplement is distributed by different manufacturers. The best thing you can do is to follow the instructions that come with the supplement. Always remember not to drink more than what is instructed since you may suffer from unwanted side effects.

Calcium citrate with vitamin D is intended for those people with bone issues. If you are a healthy person whose goal is only to prevent bone problems, then it is better for your body to get calcium from natural sources. But people with bone problems should also consider adding milk, dairy products and other calcium rich foods to their diet along with the consumption of the supplement. Anyone taking in this supplement should also watch out for the side effects that may appear. The side effects may be as simple as vomiting but they can also be as severe as developing kidney problems. Remember that if you are a patient looking for alternative treatments to your bone problem, always ask your doctor first before you take in any supplement.


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