Asthma Diet: How Essential Foods can Help Manage the Condition

Posted on 04. Oct, 2012 by in General Health Concerns

Nowadays, more and more people are being diagnosed with asthma. As the world becomes more polluted, it is no wonder that cases continue to increase throughout the years. It is common knowledge that eating healthy foods and having a balanced diet can make our bodies stronger and healthier. Hence, people with asthma, researchers and experts have often wondered if there is a correlation between asthma and diet. Wouldn’t it be lovely for asthmatic people to do a few changes in their diet and their condition will get better? Fortunately, as researches and studies about asthma diet progresses, there is hope for asthmatic people to get better using the wonders of food.

Vitamins and Asthma

There have been studies that associates ingesting more vitamins each day and improving asthma conditions. It has been found that increasing the amounts of fruits you eat each day that contains high amounts of vitamins can decrease symptoms of asthma such as wheezing, sneezing, chronic cough, panting, and tightness around the chest. But which vitamins can do such positive effects? Not all vitamins though, but there are a few essential ones that you will need including vitamin C, E and A. These three vitamins are known as antioxidants which can help rid the body of free radicals and protect the body from any inflammation. Asthma is also known as inflammation of the bronchial tubes and ingesting vitamins that prevent such can definitely help with asthma conditions. Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain such like strawberries and blueberries, broccoli, lemon, oranges, carrots and bell peppers. You can also take supplements if you want to ensure that you are getting enough doses of such.

Minerals and Asthma

Just like vitamins, minerals are also essential in our bodies to keep us healthy and strong. It has also been found that certain minerals should be included in asthma diet to help keep asthmatic people healthy and decrease symptoms of the attack. Selenium is one of the essential minerals that you need to consider. This is also an antioxidant that can help manage symptoms of asthma. But it has not yet been substantiated yet that taking selenium can prevent asthma attacks. It can merely help manage the condition. Magnesium is another mineral to consider because it has long been used already in treating acute asthma attacks. But again, no substantial evidence can prove that magnesium can indeed prevent asthma attacks.

Fatty Acids and Asthma

It has always been announced that ingesting essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 can help the body become healthier. Likewise, it has also been interpreted by many as helping with asthma conditions. There have been studies that suggest fatty acids can help protect people against asthma attacks but there have been no substantial evidences yet in individuals that can prove that claim. But still, incorporating such in your diet is not harmful as it is beneficial to the body anyway.

Asthma is an annoying condition because it can hinder you from functioning normally. Fortunately, with an asthma diet you can manage your symptoms and function like you always do even if you have asthma.


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