All About Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Posted on 05. Jul, 2012 by in Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

More and more people are starting to notice green lipped mussel powder for its health benefits. Most of these people become aware of this new potent substance from the sea by being referred to it by either family or friends, perhaps even both.

Where do green lipped mussels come from?

Green lipped mussels are normally located in the oceans just off of New Zealand. The Maori have been consuming the green lipped mussels for centuries; they also discovered that it had medicinal properties. The mussels are an excellent supply of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Interested in its properties, modern scientists have conducted studies to determine the truth behind the health claims surrounding the green lipped mussel. The result of the clinical studies has shown that the mussels possess qualities that are potent for healing inflammation and diseases related to it.

For most people, green lipped mussel powder is most excellent for treating certain conditions such as heart diseases, joint pains and arthritis.

Green lipped mussel extracts are also useful for weight management

Whether or not people admit it almost everyone is concerned about their weight. People are concerned about their weight for a large variety of reasons. From looking good to genuine health concerns, people are always looking for a good way to help them manage their weight.

The good thing about GLM based products is that they also help people manage their weight. Those who have reached a plateau in weight loss can help themselves by taking GLM supplements. People have attested to the positive effects that green lipped mussel powder can have in losing weight.


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