5 Natural Remedies for Aching Joints

Posted on 09. Oct, 2012 by in Joint Health

You do not have to endure your aching joints.  Several natural remedies are available to soothe the pain and discomfort.  Here are five (5) of them.

1.      Massage Using Natural Liniment.  The first thing you wish to go away is the inconvenience of having painful and discomforting muscles.  What can help you with this is to massage your body paying particular attention to the area where you feel the pain and discomfort.  Use liniment you can prepare from natural ingredients.

Liniment is the typical remedy for aching muscles since ancient times.  Heat is the basis of its healing powers.  When you apply the liniment as a massaging solution, you will feel the warmth to soothe your sore joints.  Some of the herbs you can use as liniment are the following:  Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ginger, Cayenne, and Clove.

2.      Apply cold and hot compress.  To calm your sore muscles and dull the pain, apply cold compress first.  Cold compress is one of the proven natural solutions for swelling muscles and inflammation.  It will calm your joints.  Its application should last for up to twenty (20) minutes only.  You can reapply as needed.

Follow up your cold compress with hot compress.  The heat from the compress will improve blood flow and will loosen up your muscles.  It also helps to restore elasticity of your joints, so you can move your body freely without pain and discomfort.  Just like cold compress, be careful not to exceed the 20-minute limit for each application.

3.      Do some stretching exercises to calm your aching joints.  It is tempting to avoid exercises since moving your body can mean pain and discomfort.  You will realize, however, that exercising brings healthy benefits in the treatment and prevention of achy muscles and joints.

Exercising stimulates the body to release endorphin, a natural chemical that prevents your body to feel pain.  According to health experts, this chemical has demonstrated more pain-relieving power than morphine.  The key is to do exercises that you like so you can stay motivated in doing them regularly.

Among the benefits of exercising that Mayo Clinic lists are the following:  improves the elasticity of your joints, strengthens your muscles and bones, and helps you in getting rid of your excess weight to reduce pressure on your joints.

4.      Get rid of your excess weight.  Any unnecessary weight on your body can add to the pressure on your joints.  As the pressure increases, so does the risk for painful muscles.  With your heavy weight, you may find it demotivating to move your body due to inconvenience.

Start losing weight right now to ease the pressure.  You do not have to lose it fast to avoid adverse effects.  Go for safe and healthy weight loss.  You can do this by watching your diet and doing simple exercises such as stretching your body, dancing, and walking.

These five (5) natural remedies will treat and prevent aching joints.  Consider them first before popping the pill.  You will see how you can get immediate and long-lasting relief from these remedies.


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