Understanding Joint Pains, Arthritis, Osteoporosis


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The Green Lipped Mussel Oil Secret

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The Link Between Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Phospholipids

Increasing your daily intake of anti-inflammatory food items will help you in reducing the swelling and pain resulting from inflammation. Here are the names of 10 most effective anti-inflammatory foods: grass fed beef, cold water fish, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, blueberries, tomatoes, cherries and olive oil.

These are mainly the foods that have always been referred to as healthy foods by your mother. However, there are also some anti-inflammatory food items that she may not be aware of, for instance turmeric and an oil type which according to me is one of the best options (from an absolute scientific perspective) when it comes to foods with anti-inflammatory properties, New Zealand green lipped mussel oil.

Like any cold water fish oil, mussel oil also contains Omega 3 in high quantity; but, the fact that makes green lipped mussel oil even more unique (and also a great anti-inflammatory agent for fighting joint pain and arthritis) is the presence of high levels of phospholipids (phospholipids are essential fatty acids containing phosphate) in it along with Omega 3.

This Omega 3/ phospholipid combination is also responsible for allowing easier and faster absorption of the oil into our bloodstream compared to other fish oils. If you are looking for a scientific explanation of this feature of the oil, here it is: unlike, the majority of the other marine animals, the green lipped mussels survive by consuming algae and phytoplankton containing high levels of Omega 3 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA). As a result, the lipid composition of mussels remains predominated (57 to 79%) by phospholipids.

Not many manufacturers in New Zealand extract green lipped mussel oil; here, we will help you in finding the green lipped mussel oil brand you can trust on. Here, we have mentioned the names of the leading mussel oil brands of the country and also compared them with each other. Names of the nation’s top mussel oil brands include: Tripernol, Omega XL, Lyprinol and Moxxor.

Tripernol Mussel Oil is known for containing higher levels of Omega3; it is a product developed by a manufacturing company called Bio-mer. All these natural supplements with anti-inflammatory properties have been obtained from a sustainable, abundant and environment friendly source of mussel oil found in New Zealand.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Comparison

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An arthritis food having highly effective anti-inflammatory properties

A large number of arthritis patients are nowadays selecting certain ‘arthritis foods’ for improving their joint functions and mobility and providing the required support to their bodies. Considering factors like the quality and type of food is extremely important when it comes to using foods as arthritis remedies.

The food you use for this purpose must have the ability of lubricating your affected joints and reducing inflammation. Both arthritic testimonies and scientific evidences describe arthritis foods rich in Omega 3 as the most effective remedies for arthritis. It’s true that Omega 3 is found in a number of fish or marine oils, but none of them are as useful as the Omega 3 present in New Zealand green lipped mussel oil. This mussel oil type is more effective as an arthritis remedy due to its exceptional biological composition.

These mussels, unlike most other marine organisms, survive only by consuming algae and phytoplankton containing high levels of Omega 3; as a result, the lipid composition of mussels remains predominated (57 to 79%) by phospholipids (they are essential fatty acids containing phosphate).

The better Phospholipid/Omega 3 ratio gives mussel oil more effective anti-inflammatory properties. A recently conducted study has revealed that oil of these mussels boasts greater ability of treating inflammatory disorders such as joint swelling, impaired joint mobility and arthritis.

Phospholipids are also responsible for making excellent bio-availability of Omega 3 possible; this means when combined with phospholipids, Omega 3 gets absorbed by our bloodstream more easily and reaches the body part that required it most.

To get rid of arthritis and its symptoms, you will need to consume as many as 4 servings of mussels per day, which will probably not be a thing you’ll like to do every day. Thus, to enjoy maximum anti-inflammatory benefits of green lipped mussel oil, you can use it in form of an arthritis supplement, as a soft gel. The gel is not only easy to consume, but is also quite palatable.

Not many manufacturers in New Zealand develop green lipped mussel oil. Visit http://biomer.com/ to read a comparison of the country’s top mussel oil brands, Omega XL, Moxxor, Lyprinol and Tripernol.

Health Benefits Associated With Omega 3s & Phospholipids

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Why the Long Chain Omega3 PUFAs Can Be Acquired Most Effectively from Phospholipids? 

The long chain Omega3 PUFAs may get incorporated into triglycerides, cholesterol esters and phospholipids or distributed in form of free fatty acids. A recent study has revealed that phospholipids act as a more useful vehicle for Omega3 PUFAs when it comes to absorption and digestion of fatty acids carried by them.

Being the biggest contributor of fats as a dietary source of energy, triglycerides have always been the most researched fat type, especially in case of studies on absorption and digestion. Phospholipids become relevant particularly in long chain Omega3 PUFAs supplementation; the reason behind this is: it has been found that high levels of DHA and EPA remains bound to the phospholipids than the proportions that remain bound to triglycerides.

Phospholipids and triglycerides are different from each other. Unlike triglycerides, the phospholipids come with negatively charged phosphate heads. Supported by this hydrophilic group, the phospholipids can transfer and remain associated with water; fatty acids and triglycerides, on the other hand, cannot perform any such action.

The hydrophobic nature of fatty acid tails makes phospholipid molecules amphipathic. This helps the phospholipids to form micelles independently for encapsulating fatty acids in an aqueous solution. All the factors discussed above are of extreme importance; this is because they make phospholipid-incorporated Omega3 PUFAs more bioavailable compared to supplements with free fatty acids or triglyceride-incorporated Omega3 PUFAs.

Other than allowing human body to absorb a large portion of essential fatty acids, phospholipid-incorporated Omega3 PUFAs also ensure that their absorption, emulsification and digestion does not depend fully on bile produced by the gall bladder and liver and pancreatic enzymes. Greater bioefficiency of these supplements make them beneficial for individuals having an underlying condition or taking medications resulting in cholestasis or fat malabsorption (these patients might also face difficulty in absorbing fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids through the regular pathway).

Infant formulas that contain phospholipids as their principal constituent are known for allowing better absorption of the long chain Omega3 PUFAs compared to breast milk and triglyceride-based baby formulas.

Synthetic phospholipids with DHA and EPA in sn-2 position are produced commercially backed by studies to accumulate evidences supporting use of phospholipids. If you check Tripernol’s lipid profile, you will find that the quantity of natural formed EPA and DHA in the product is much higher compared to the amount synthesized.

Key Points:

  • The levels of DHA and EPA bound to phospholipids are more than the levels of DHA and EPA bound to triglycerides.
  • Recently obtained scientific evidences suggest that phospholipids act as the most useful vehicle for Omega3 PUFAs.
  • As phospholipids dissolve when added to aqueous solutions, we can absorb and digest them more easily and efficiently compared to other lipids.
  • The amount of fatty acids absorbed from phospholipid supplements is always more than the amount absorbed from supplement with higher levels of free fatty acids or triglycerides.
  • Consuming phospholipid is beneficial for the infants; this is because phospholipids increase absorption of Omega3 PUFAs in infants, which in turn induces healthy growth.

The Omega6/Omega3 Ratio Theory: What Makes Long Chain Omega3 PUFA Supplementation Essential for Health?

Omega3 PUFA supplementation is primarily known for its ability of bringing back the right balance between Omega6 and Omega3 PUFAs in our body. People in the Western world mostly consume a diet that does not contain enough Omega3 PUFAs; this eventually results in an Omega6/Omega3 imbalance within the phospholipids of cell membranes.

During the ancient times, our ancestors who were primarily hunters used to consume a diet that contained Omega6 and Omea3 PUFAs in a ratio of 1:1. However, latest statistics suggest that the meals we consume nowadays contain these two essential fatty acids in a ratio of 15:1. This has happened in spite of the fact that genetic composition of human beings has undergone insignificant changes during the past 10,000 years.

The most significant change that has occurred during the last century is a noteworthy increase in consumption of vegetable oils and grains. Rice, maize and wheat cover around 75 percent of the total grain production in this world. This statistic has influenced our dietary habits significantly. We have started to consume more and more grains and often miss out on including foods rich in Omega3 PUFAs in our diet.

Long chain Omega3 PUFAs along with their metabolites offer complementary actions to mediators produced by Omega6 PUFAs, which is primarily arachidonic acid (20:4). Evidences obtained from animal, ex-vivo and in-vitro studies reveal that there may be a link between Omega3 PUFA’s role as signalling molecules and their beneficial effects.  Omega3 PUFA’s ability of acting as signalling molecules helps them to act as effective anti-inflammatory agents.

Consuming adequate amount of long chain Omega3 PUFAs is known for increasing the level of phospholipids within cell membranes. In addition to that, increased consumption of this essential fatty acid also alters regulation and production of eicosanoids, expression of adhesion molecule, leukocyte chemotaxis, inflection in production of reactive oxygen species and production of inflammatory cytokine. The Omega3 PUFA type that gets accumulated within our tissues (particularly within our central nervous system) most abundantly is DHA.

The significant functions of DHA include production of mediators known as Dseries resolvins, neuroprotectins, docosatrienes and neurofurans. On the other hand, EPA produces alternative Eseries resolvins and is extremely essential for healthy production of endocannabinoids and eicosanoids.

DHA and EPA also play very significant roles in infant and foetal development. Neuro-developmental functions in infants are hugely dependent on the levels of Omega3 PUFAs in their body. Omega3 PUFAs are mainly important for healthy development of an infant’s visual and neurological systems. You must know that there are some health benefits that breast milk can offer and formula milks cannot. Studies have revealed that this happens primarily due to the absence of quality long chain Omega3 PUFAs in most formula milks.

Experts describe eicosanoids as the main link between inflammation and long chain PUFAs. Eicosanoids are basically the main factors regulating the duration and intensity of inflammation; eicosanoid-synthesis occurs from the PUFA-rich phospholipids within the inflammatory cell membranes. Usually, the inflammatory cells possess more Omega6 PUFAs than Omega3 PUFAs. The inflammatory cells mostly contain Omega6 PUFAs in form of arachidonic acid, which is the main substrate for the process of inflammatory eicosanoid creation.

Here, the inflammatory eicosanoid creation occurs by means of biochemical pathways controlled by two enzymes, COX or cycloxygenase and LOX and lipoxygenase. The eicosanoid producing capacity of inflammatory cells is influenced strongly by consumption and absorption of PUFA. It has been found that regular intake of an arachidonic acid supplement helps in augmenting synthesis of eicosanoid derivatives within the mononuclear cells stimulated by endotoxin; it can be presumed that this is the effect of augmented membrane incorporation.

A reduction in the arachidonic acid levels in cell membranes might cause a significant decrease in the production of derivative eicosanoids like 5-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid, LTE4, Thromboxane B2, PGE2 and LTB4. An increase in the levels of long chain Omega3 PUFAs in human body also means that production of eicosanoids derived from arachidonic acid is inhibited directly. EPA acts as a perfect substrate for the LOX and COX enzyme pathways. On the other hand, DHA contributes to the activity primarily through retro-conversion to EPA.

Some anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of the long chain Omega3 PUFA supplements are proved through extensive evidences. The evidences are obtained primarily from animal, in vitro and ex vivo studies. The in-vivo clinical trials have however failed to produce consistent results. You will come across a number of literature reviews that have pointed out the potential mistakes in the method of interpreting the results and the experimental designs used to date.

The biggest limitation that the clinical trials conducted to date come with is lack of sufficient control on the subjects’ background diet. The anti-inflammatory effects of Omega3 PUFA supplementation can easily get overshadowed if the subject keeps on consuming food items that have relatively high levels of Omega6 PUFA.

During animal studies, the effects of Omega3 PUFA were noticed much more distinctly as the subjects were made to follow a strict diet. The experimental group was given a diet absolutely devoid of Omega6 PUFA and the control group was given Omega3 PUFA. However, to date no diet intervention based on the phospholipids containing essential fatty acids has been carried out.

The issue becomes even more relevant when it is found that the majority of the tests and trials written about in a recently published review by AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) are statistically weak. These trials and tests were mostly conducted using an extremely low dose of Omega3 PUFA; this resulted in less sensitive clinical outcomes compared to the ones produced by the optimised ex-vivo studies.

All clinical studies conducted to date have tried to find out how Omega3 PUFA benefits ailing people; however, the majority of the animal studies made the subjects consume Omega3 PUFA before being affected by any ailment. Most clinical trials stop people from obtaining a comprehensive assessment of the wide range of benefits offered by Omega3 PUFA; for instance they do not allow people to gather knowledge on Omega3 PUFA’s effects on disease progression, resolution and initiation.

If you are looking for more reliable information regarding evidences for common applications of long chain Omega3 PUFAs for treating ailments and improving health conditions, consult Medicine Plus by logging into http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/natural/patient-fishoil.html.

Key Points

  • A decrease in Omega3 PUFA consumption and increase in Omega6 PUFA consumption has caused an imbalance in modern diet.
  • This imbalance is believed to be the cause of a number of health problems, for instance a significant increase in occurrence of inflammatory diseases.
  • An increased intake of Omega3 PUFA will change the ratio of Omega6 and Omega3 PUFAS in our cell membranes.
  • Consuming higher quantity of Omega3 PUFASs DHA and EPA helps in improving infant and foetal development and also generates cardio-protective, neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory effects.

Green Lipped Mussel Review

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Mussel Oil Health Supplement: Why I Took Them to Understand Their Benefits 

The current trend among those with joint pain is to take green lipped mussel oil and powder.

Are you a dietary supplement convert like me (I can happily describe myself as one)? If yes, then you must know that the small capsule you are consuming has a lot more inside it than our daily meals have. There’s a widely mentioned saying ‘health is wealth’; so we should try and do everything that we can do for staying in good health. And when it comes to supplementation, today, you will come across more advanced and beneficial products than regular vitamins supplements, on the market.

Recently I have started to take a green lipped mussel supplement called Tripernol, which is basically New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil. Tripernol is an organic supplement with anti-inflammatory properties and contains Omega 3 in high quantity. During this time, I found:

Pure And Natural Ingredients: Active ingredients of Tripernol are sourced from organically produced certified green lipped mussels grown in the sparkling clean water bodies surrounding Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Traditional Hand Method: I never knew that Tripernol was manufactured entirely by hand, but the most important parts of the manufacturing procedure are definitely completed by hand. While researching about Tripernol, I found that the manufacturer uses a well-planned hand method for opening the mussels. The majority of the other manufactures, on the other hand, use machines for crushing up mussels; thus supplements made by them contain the entire mussel including shells. As mussels used in Tripernol are opened by hand, the product only contains pure mussel; the shell and the beards gets discarded.

Dedicated ‘Cooks’: The cooks i.e. the scientists and technicians carrying out the manufacturing procedure of Tripernol are extremely dedicated and meticulous. They comply with the strict Oceania and New Zealand laws of using slight heat to reduce the risk of listeria, unlike other manufactures. The method used by them for extracting mussel oil is so well-designed and meticulous that the ratio of phospholipids and Omega 3 in the extracted oil is same as their ratio in mussels in natural state.

I am taking Tripernol for addressing the elbow joint pain that is bothering me for the past six months. It has been only 2 weeks since I started taking the supplement and I have already started to experience significant improvement. In addition to joint pain relief, I am also getting other benefits like reduced PMS, healthier heart, cancer protection, calmer colitis and an improved psychological health.

Curcumin for Cancer: How Curcumin can Help Prevent Cancer Formation

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Studies about curcumin for cancer have been carried out by many researchers and facilities all over the world for so many years now with studies pointing to great potential in the treatment and management of diseases especially with cancer.

Cancer is one of the world’s leading causes of mortality killing more and more people each year. The risk to which we are all susceptible to this disease increases as we age. Also, with the kind of lifestyle we lead nowadays, we ingest more and more free radicals and carcinogens which can cause cancer. Drastic lifestyle changes may be required if we want to prevent cancer from forming in our bodies, but thanks to recent studies and researches, curcumin has what we need to help prevent cancer cells from forming inside the body.

Curcumin is a very powerful antioxidant that also contains anti-inflammatory and other characteristics that can help prevent cancer cells from forming. Moreover, it contain several active components that targets the ten causative factors if cancer. These causative factors are what promote the formation of cancer cells in the body. Combating just one of these factors can already give a person great chances of preventing cancer from forming. And since curcumin can combat ten of these causative factors, it can give people almost 100% assurance of not developing cancer in his lifetime. Curcumin for cancer can give people peace of mind and assurance that they can live longer in this world if they follow healthy lifestyle choices.

Curcumin helps prevent DNA damage which is one of the main causes of cancer. Biomolecular attacks in the body often target the DNA to damage its original structure and prevent the normal replication of healthy cells to occur. Curcumin protects the DNA from such harm to promote healthy cell replication. Chronic inflammation is also a cause of cancer and curcumin helps prevent the occurrence of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a direct manifestation of infection and curcumin has anti-bacterial properties that prevent infection from occurring. These are just some of the causes of cancer that curcumin helps prevent. There are plenty more of causative factors it can help stop, which is why curcumin is considered as a wonder spice.

Just like many other age-related diseases out there, cancer also develops in accumulation over a long period of time. It may be discrete and develops in small-scale increments over time. Oxidation of cells, constant stress, infection, inflammation of organs and other body parts, and other physiological assaults to the body can take its toll over the course of time which can then inflict lethal damage to your body and develop an abnormal cell proliferation called cancer cells.

This is why it is important that as young as you are, you start taking care of you body. You need to start fighting free radicals even as a kid or as a teenager because your older body will thank you for it. Cancer does not develop overnight and proliferates over a timeframe. For as long as your cells are still healthy, make it a point to keep them that way or even healthier. Incorporate curcumin for cancer into your diet or take supplements that contain such to prevent the 10 causes of cancer in the body.

Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel Oils

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A lot of people are turning their eyes towards the possible benefits that green lipped mussel oil supplement can provide for the human body.  The green lipped mussel possesses omega 3 which are fats that can commonly be found in plant and marine oils. This fatty acid is considered to be an essential fatty acid, which basically means that the human body is unable to synthesize this oil by itself.

There are a lot of websites out there proclaiming the health benefits of the oil extract from green lipped mussel.

Green lipped mussel oil supplement and anti-inflammatory properties

One of the many reasons why a lot of people are taking green lipped mussel oil supplements is because of its anti-inflammatory principles. Current literature of studies surrounding this topic suggests that the oil may indeed possess anti-inflammatory properties.

The result of the study shows hints that long-chain omega 3 fatty acids exhibit anti-inflammatory activity. This discovery has the possibility of being translated into a clinical effect.

Research has been done on a population of people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. People who’ve been taking omega-3 fatty acids, the same one found in green lipped mussel extracts, have experienced a reduction in pain. In fact, the study showed that people who took the extract had less pain problems that those who were taking the standard nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

In relation to cancer

There is evidence to indicate that people who have cachexia and advanced cancer may benefit from omega 3 fatty acids as a supplement. The beneficial effects of omega 3 fatty acids supplements may include improvement in a weight, appetite, and overall quality of life.

Omega 3 fatty acids for women

In 2010 a study was conducted on a population of 3,081 women all of whom suffered from breast cancer. Large consumption of long chain omega 3 indicated that it reduced further breast cancer activity. The participants of the study also showed reduced signs of risk for virtually all causes of mortality.

Cognition and aging

The result of recently conducted epidemiological studies apparently shows that omega 3 fatty acids might reduce the risk of dementia. There is also clinical evidence that suggests that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for people who experience cognitive decline but do not qualify for dementia. These people may still benefit from omega 3 fatty acids such as those that can be found in a green lipped mussel oil supplement.

Green-lipped Mussel Supplements

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The green-lipped mussels, or perna canalicula, is a mussel native to New Zealand. It is also known as the greenshell mussel, New Zealand mussel, kuku, and kutai. This specific bivalve mollusc differs itself from others with its dark brown or green shells with a lighter green around the edges. It is also one of the biggest mussels around.

The health benefits of this mussel have first gained the attention of westerners in the 1960s, when they have noted that Maori people, who have been consuming the shell fish for thousands of years, suffer from less inflammatory disease.

The green-lipped mussels are also a popular supplement for people suffering from arthritis. It was during a study to test the effectiveness of green-lipped mussel as a possible cancer treatment that it shown promise as a supplement for arthritis patients. Participants in the said study commented that they have experienced less joint pain and increased joint mobility after taking the supplement. A recent study conducted in New Zealand also shows that more than half of all participants who took doses of freeze-dried mussel powder have felt less knee pain than before taking the supplement.

Dietary supplements are available where green-lipped mussel extracts have a concentrated dose of omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals. Studies have shown that it is the omega 3 fatty acids that had the positive effect for people who have arthritis. This is because these fatty acids have a great anti-inflammatory effect. Besides this, omega 3 fatty acids also help regulate the immune system.

Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids show more positive results for people with osteoarthritis when taken with paracetamol or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen.

There are also developing studies that suggest the positive effects of green-lipped mussels to patients with asthma. Particular extracts from New Zealand green–lipped mussels have shown to help decrease daytime wheezing and improve the breathing of some asthma patients.

Since it is hard to purchase fresh green-lipped mussels elsewhere in the world besides its native New Zealand, green-lipped mussel dietary supplements are available for purchase via the Internet, and is available in powder or oil. It is important to purchase from a reputable online source.

How Beneficial Is Curcumin?

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Curcumin is a type of antioxidant that can be found in the turmeric plant, which is used to make spice, the most famous of which is curry. Turmeric is found mostly in Asia, particularly in such countries as Indonesia, China, and India. During the seventh century, the Chinese consumed turmeric as tea, ointment, and inhalant to cure various types of minor and major health problems.

Lately, curcumin has been earning popularity because of its huge potential to address various cancer treatments and other life-threatening disease

The Benefits of Curcumin

Is curcumin really one of nature’s forgotten treasures? For many years, experts have been working on finding the real cure for cancer. For one thing, curcumin is a type of antioxidant that has the ability to fight free radicals and possibly cancer cells, according to studies. Some tests also show that curcumin has the ability to act as anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

Some researchers consider curcumin as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and Diabetes as research shows that rats in laboratory studies showed positive results when taking curcumin.

Scientists are closely monitoring curcumin’s anti-cancer functions, one of which is blocking cancer-causing chemicals and tumor growth. Normally, the body’s immune system reacts when the presence of abnormal cells is detected. This process is called apoptosis. Cancer cells, however, are so powerful that they can counter this process. With the presence of curcumin in the body, the cancer cells are led to self-destruct instead of destroy other healthy cells.

Also included in the curcumin benefits is the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. According to researchers, this is made possible because of curcumin’s ability to prevent the accumulation of protein in the brain called amyloid, a major player in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Curcumin is also believed to inhibit the COX and COX-2 pathways, which leads to the development of arthritis, pain and other inflammatory conditions. It can reduce the pain and swelling that strong medications can do without side effects. In fact, curcumin has been shown to suppress the notorious NF-KB (nuclear transcription factor kappa beta), one of the main causes of virtually every known health ailment and condition that affects human beings.

Boosting Health Benefits with Omega 3 and Curcumin Through Mussel Oil

A New Zealand company, Bio-Mer, has developed what they call the ‘trojan-horse’ bioavailable concept with their Curcumol Mussel Oil which contains curcumin as well as omega 3 and phospholipid rich green lipped mussel oil. The curcumin infuses with the oil and therefore gets transported through the stomach without being affected by the gastric acids, ultimately arriving at the upper intestine where the curcumin, omega 3s and phospholipids can be utilized by the body and get the benefits associated with these ingredients. How beneficial are these ingredients? Well, besides an array of different studies proving the positive effects they have on various parts of the body, one area of research that’s causing excitement is curcumin’s ability to help rebuild neural pathways which could potentially help people with neuron disorders. Unlike some online businesses that don’t know implement inbound marketing strategies, use SEO services to improve traffic or why content marketing is important for your business, you can trust these guys with your health supplement needs You can Google this to see more information or you could visit the Bio-Mer website where I read more information about curcumin and the other ingredients in the company’s Curcumol product.

Review of Bio-Mer’s Ossomer Calcium Supplement

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Ossomer: The New Zealand Marine Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Compound Enriching Calcium Supplementation Technology 


Ossomer is a newly launched marine-derived, natural ossein-MCHC microcrystalline hydroxyapatite compound based nutritional supplement. This product has resulted from a recent trend that focuses on utilising minerals and organic components found in fish bones. Several studies conducted over the years have proved that fish boned are rich sources of calcium; the high levels of free elemental calcium in fish bones can help in increasing bioavailability of calcium. Fish bones also contain high affinity phosphopeptides and peptides with great calcium binding ability and known for playing the role of ‘calcium fortifiers’.

The carbonate, peptides, magnesium, phosphate and potassium present in Ossomer are all naturally driven. Other than these minerals, Ossomer also contains added levels of calcitrol or vitamin D3, a vitamin that enables proper calcium absorption and metabolism.

It has been found that among many factors considered for determining the storage, utilisation, bioavailability of calcium in calcium supplements the one that is most important is the other dietary ingredients included in it (this factor is even more important than the calcium salt’s aqueous solubility).

According to studies, MCHC’s ability of accelerating the process of bone healing and formation is primarily because of the organic substances responsible for stimulating the osteoprogenitor and bone formation or osteogenesis.  Destruction of these organic substances may occur during bovine MCHC production and in the process MCHC’s ability of promoting osteogenesis can be lost.

A number of scientific investigation and clinical trials have been conducted for finding out the advantages offered by MCHC when used for treating or preventing calcium or bone disorders of different types.  All these studies and trials have shown that either MCHC improves the condition and associated symptoms significantly or triggers much better results compared to results experienced after consuming other calcium supplement formulations.

Ossomer’s sustainable and renewable marine source successfully overcomes pitfalls responsible for limiting extensive use of naturally-extracted bovine MCHC and other hydroxyapatite compounds. Ossomer has been sourced from fishes grown in the Antarctic and South Pacific fishing areas of New Zealand; these fishing areas are known for having pristine water free from all kinds of contaminants and pollutants. All MCHC formulations other than Ossomer get sourced from bones of old cows and as a result increase the possibilities of heavy metal contamination.  Those MCHC formulations may also cause transmission of different disease vectors such as prions, the principal causative agents of mad cow disease; prions can also cause vCJD or Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in human beings.

Ossomer gets tested independently at regular intervals for purity and quality. Bio-mer, the manufacturing company of Ossomer, is a GMP certified company and also has of New Zealand Ministry of Health’s (Medsafe division) authorization for extracting and exporting APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients for human use. Stringent licensing and auditing stand as the testimony of the fact that at Bio-mer, highest standards are always met while manufacturing products.

Scientific and Clinical Testing of MCHC

A number of tests have been conducted for determining the effects of MCHC on various patient groups and also for finding out how MCHC manages different health disorders caused by abnormal calcium metabolism.

Through these tests, it has been proved that hydroxyapatite compounds have the following abilities:

  • Prevention of fractures and osteoporosis
  • Bone healing following a fracture and prevention of bone loss
  • Treating back ache triggered by osteoporosis
  • Treating secondary and primary osteoporosis (MCHC can treat secondary and primary osteoporosis with greater efficiency than calcium carbonate)
  • Treating osteogenesis imperfecta (MCHC can treat secondary and primary osteoporosis with greater efficiency than calcium gluconate)

Some other conditions that hydroxyapatite compounds can treat and prevent effectively include:

  • Osteoporosis linked with hepatitis
  • Osteoporosis caused by corticosteroid therapy
  • Juvenile idiopathic osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis linked with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoporosis linked with primary billary cirrhosis
  • Hypophosphataemic osteomalacia
  • Bone loss after oophorectomy

Clinical trials conducted for finding out the effects of hydroxyapatite compounds got corroborated by several strong and useful scientific evidences. Studies have revealed that MCHC when consumed orally increases the extent and rate of bone healing; on the other hand, when implanted it increases the bone formation rate significantly (MCHC does both these job more efficiently than calcium carbonate).

MCHC is also unique for being the sole supplement existing today with the ability of encouraging bone formation at molecular levels in vitro. A bone-cell culture conducted recently showed that MCHC promoted formation of collagen and DNA, both of which are principal markers of the bone formation procedure or osteogenesis. Studies have also revealed that MCHC induces segregation of the bone stem cells into cartilage and bone.

Comparing Ossomer Indications with That of Other Calcium Supplement Formulations

Ossomer is extracted naturally from a mineral found in fish bones, lattice; as a result, it contains several other beneficial constituents and nutrients. Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (the compound is also widely referred to as hydroxyapatite) is the main calcium salt present in Ossomer; the chemical formula of the salt is Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2. By mass, Ossomer is 25 percent (23 to 28 percent) elemental calcium; this means the compound has less calcium than calcium carbonate and more calcium than calcium citrate, calcium lactate and calcium gluconate formulations. The factor that makes Ossomer more effective than all the above mentioned formulations is the ingredients it carries other than calcium.

Ossomer naturally possesses calcium and phosphate in a ratio of 2:1. The other calcium supplements available on the market offer only calcium and does not contain phosphate in any form. Calcium without phosphate is not the best option when used for sustained calcium supplementation. Calcium and phosphate stays in equilibrium on the serum in between two free ions; they are bound as calcium phosphate compound [3Ca2++2PO43↔Ca3(PO4)2].

Ossomer contains carbonate, potassium and magnesium in natural proportions. These components are linked intrinsically to physiological actions of phosphate and calcium. Metabolism of carbonate, potassium and magnesium is linked frequently via certain hormonal signals. Potassium bicarbonate when administered orally is known for helping in improving the balance of phosphate and calcium, increasing bone formation and reducing bone resorption in postmenopausal women.

Magnesium is required for carrying our cellular functions properly and it also acts as metallo-coenzymes in more than 300 reactions involving cellular phosphate-transfer. Like calcium, a drop in magnesium serum levels increases PTH production. Inadequate secretion of PTH and vitamin D3 marks magnesium deficiency, which eventually leads to conditions like hypocalcaemia and osteoporosis.

Ossomer approximately contains 10 to 12 percent collagen and 28 percent protein. A number of recent studies have revealed that significant improvement has occurred in bioavailability of the mineral calcium. Studies have also revealed benefits offered by calcium chelates when consumed along with amino acids or proteins.  Calcium when present in a large amount in serum is known for being bound to the proteins; this in turn acts as a protective factor for free calcium by preventing its undesired excretion. The next most important factor you must consider is that up to 50 percent of our bone mass is consisted of protein.

Studies have shown than an increase in protein consumption helps in accelerating the process of fracture recovery and also fights bone loss triggered by the natural ageing process; however, for that calcium levels in the body must be sufficient. Fish bones are also sources of some exclusive peptides with high affinity toward calcium. It has been proven scientifically that these peptides results in increase in retention and bioavailability of calcium. These peptides have also successfully improved bone strength and bone mineral density in animal models of osteoporosis.

Ossomer even contains vitamin D, to be more precise vitamin D3 or calcitriol. This vitamin is extremely important for ensuring that active calcium absorption occurs flawlessly in small intestine. This is because biosynthesis of calbindin D9k, a calcium transporter is absolutely dependant on vitamin D3.

What Makes Ossomer Special? 

The MCHC present in Bio-mer’s calcium supplement Ossomer is derived from fishes grown in the extensive waters of New Zealand. This pristine source ensures that the users would be at much lower risk of being affected by contaminants, toxins and heavy metals than what they stay at while using bovine products. The most common fish bone used for making Ossomer is Ling (the indigenous Maori call them rari, hokarari and hoka). Ling is found at water levels ranging between 300 and 700 meters. Ling grown in New Zealand is a different fish than the European Lin you may have heard about. They are usually 80 to 120 cm (3 to 4 feet) long and mostly weigh between 5 and 20 kilograms (10 and 40 lbs).

Medical science has acknowledged fish bones as rich sources of calcium; this is primarily because fish bones contain high levels of free elemental calcium and possess the ability of augmenting bioavailability of the mineral. In addition to that, fish bones contain some unique high-affinity phosphopeptides and peptides with calcium binding abilities and ability of playing the role of calcium fortifiers.

Bovine bone products although available widely are known for their ugly history of having infectious vectors. Previous epidemics affecting cattle, for instance mad cow disease have also been found to be transmissible to the human beings. Mad cow disease can make human beings suffer from severe neurological symptoms. It can cause a fatal neurological condition called vCJD or Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease in human beings.

Prions can be defined as infectious proteins. The most common thing done for avoiding presence of prions in a bovine extract is heating the product up to an extreme temperature (140°C or 284°F); this procedure however damages and denatures the proteins. Heating of the bovine extracts does not allow the MCHC supplement to keep its quality intact. This is because when heated all organic materials present in the bones get destroyed. These organic materials are the main ingredients required for promoting formation of new bones.

This issue was aptly highlighted by a study carried out by Annefeld et al. During the study, out of three groups, the 1st group was treated with bovine MCHC, the 2nd group was treated with Bovine MCHC burnt to ash (this was done for removing all the organic constituents of the product) and the 3rd group was treated with calcium carbonated. It was found that only the group treated with non-heated, natural MCHC experienced significant improvement in the quality and pattern of bone healing (especially when assessed after 8 or 12 weeks of incurring the fracture).

Ossomer gets tested independently biochemically for quality and presence of impurities like heavy metals by means of a method called mass spectroscopy; the company conducts these tests at regular intervals. Bio-mer, the manufacturing company of Ossomer, is a GMP certified company and also has of New Zealand Ministry of Health’s (Medsafe division) authorization for extracting and exporting APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients for human use. Stringent licensing and auditing stand as the testimony of the fact that at Bio-mer, highest standards are always met while manufacturing products.

Comparative Utilisation and Bioavailability of MCHC

A journal article written by Henry et all informed the world how important it is to consume synergistic dietary constituents for enabling proper absorption and use of calcium. The study revealed that bioavailability and solubility of different calcium slats are very weakly correlated to each other. The factor that influenced variation in calcium absorption more significantly is the food components.

The study showed that when derived only from synthetic MCHC, free calcium’s fractional absorption was 0.166. Yet, when MCHC was derived naturally from bones (as a result, had all other constituents of bone), free calcium’s fractional absorption was found to be 0.271, which makes it comparable to milk’s calcium absorption (0.267±0.0250) and better than that of calcium citrate and calcium carbonate (under similar conditions). Calcium in spinach, on the other hand, was boasts significantly low fractional absorption when compared to that of calcium oxalate, calcium salt. However, most experts believe and several studies have also proved that the calcium found in spinach cannot be absorbed easily primarily because calcium oxalate’s low aqueous solubility.

The above discussion clearly shows that other dietary substances we consume along with calcium salts significantly influence calcium’s utilisation and bioavailability. Scientifically this situation is known as the ‘meal effect’. Naturally derived MCHC even when taken alone triggers an impressive increase in fractional absorption of calcium. This makes it more effective than other calcium supplements available on the market. For instance, if you are taking a calcium carbonate supplement, you will be asked to have it along with a small meal; this is done for enabling production of stomach acid and improving bioavailability. However, there are several demerits of consuming calcium supplements along a regular meal. Calcium tends to compete with zinc and iron present in the meal for uptake; this in turn will reduce bioavailability of both these minerals. If the food you are taking along with the calcium carbonate supplement is rich in fibre and lipid, it may even reduce calcium’s uptake.

The sole study, which has compared metabolic effects and bioavailability of different calcium supplements found on the market, revealed that the MCHC compounds showed the best results. This was a controlled, randomized study carried out by Deroisy et al. In the study, PTH (parathyroid hormone) and free serum calcium were compared with each other. During the study, the participants received a specific dosage of oral supplement. The comparison was done several times during a period of 6 hours. The supplements that were investigated during the study were: calcium citrate, calcium carbonate and gluconolactate, calcium carbonate, carbonate and calcium pidolate, a MCHC compound and one control vehicle. The dose administered was common for each of the above mentioned supplements i.e. 500 mg elemental calcium; only the control vehicle didn’t have any calcium in it.

Every calcium supplement used during the study increased free calcium serum levels significantly from their baseline levels. The increase caused by all these supplements was considerably higher than that of the control vehicle. It must be noted that the increase in free serum calcium levels caused by the MCHC compound was equivalent to that of all other supplements; however, the largest portion of absorbed calcium was most probably in intact and bound forms like bisglycinocalcium and calcium chelates of other types.

Although, no significant statistical difference was noticed in bioavailability of free calcium when the supplements were compared with each other after administration of a single dose, the MCHC compound showcased remarkably less instant suppression of the levels of serum PTH. However during the 6 hours i.e. the time through which the test was conducted, the researchers observed a constant suppression. When the suppression was again measured after 6 hours, it was found that all supplements caused equal suppression.

The similar free calcium bioavailability and comparatively less instant PTH suppression of the MCHC compound prove that a much larger quantity of calcium gets carried into the serum in a bound form (the calcium-sensors located on our parathyroid cells are only capable of sensing the serum’s free calcium levels). Medical experts state that mild PTH suppression is a much better option compared to drastic decrease in the PTH levels.

PTH meticulously improves active re-absorption of minerals such as magnesium and calcium in our kidneys’ distal tubules (this effectively treats magnesium and calcium loss through urine). PTH also augment’s our gastrointestinal tract’s ability of absorbing more calcium (augments active vitamin D3’s enzymatic production). You will need to put in some effort for understand the effects of parathyroid hormone on our bones; PTH’s effects on our bones are both catabolic and anabolic. However, still we need PTH for resorption and formation of bones (it is the sole drug to be approved by FDA for treating osteoporosis and stimulating bone formation).


The 3 Best Things about Taking Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

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Anti-inflammatory supplements should form part of your natural treatment to reduce inflammation.  It fills in the gap from your diet as well as boosts the benefits you can enjoy from dieting as your natural anti-inflammation solution.  Here are the three (3) best things about taking these supplements.

1.      Natural dietary supplements supply your body with high levels of antioxidants that also works as anti-inflammation.  In fact, most clinical studies and research are now focusing on how antioxidants are powerful in addressing inflammatory diseases.

Results from several studies offer evidence that antioxidants work potently in inhibiting inflammation, which in turn, can fight and prevent most diseases including those that are serious and life threatening.  The best thing about antioxidants such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, and phytonutrients, which research is now proving, is that they do not only fight inflammation but they can also prevent it before it happens.

Antioxidants are naturally present in fruits and vegetables.  However, for those who are not fond of eating these types of food, you have dietary supplements as alternative.  While most people can easily accommodate consumption of food, some may find it a little harder to welcome vegetables in their meals.  The solution is to take natural supplements.

2.      These supplements are the safer way to benefit from anti-inflammatory substances than non-steroidal anti- inflammation drugs (NSAID).  Proofs from clinical studies show how NSAID can produce side effects such as gastro-intestinal tract ulcers that can lead to serious complications like internal bleeding.  They can also cause damages to joints and bone cartilage.

Anti-inflammatory supplements on the other hand have none of these side effects.  This is because the supplements contain only natural ingredients such as extracts from herbs, plants, trees, roots, fish, fruits and vegetables.  You will find no synthetics and chemicals that work against the body and harm its systems.

The key to benefit from these supplements is to use it in conjunction as part of your holistic treatment.  For instance, taking these supplements should not prevent you from consuming fruits and vegetables and other anti-inflammatory super food that comprise your well-balanced diet.  These supplements should help and not replace your main diet.

3.      The supplements work to stop degenerative diseases, promote regeneration of healthy body cells, and decelerate the aging process.  For people who suffer from aching joints, these supplements are your natural solution.  Those who want to look younger than their biological age; you will find your fountain of youth from dietary supplements.

If you are to maximize your health benefits from dietary supplements, you should understand that they work to help.  What this means is that you still need to do the right things such as eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, and living a healthy lifestyle.  You should not expect your supplements to do the entire job.

Choose high quality natural anti-inflammatory supplements.  Make sure that you get your supplements from trusted sources.  Otherwise, you may only end up wasting your money and not getting your desired results.  The internet is a good marketplace to shop for the best dietary supplements.